Abbey Falls


During the British era, Abbey Falls was known as Jessy Falls. This is because when Coorg’s first British chaplain visited the place, he was enamoured with its beauty. He named the waterfall ‘Jessy Falls’ after his daughter who was called Jessy.

Is Abbey Falls worth visiting?

A trip to Abbey Waterfalls is undoubtedly one of the top things to do in Coorg. From the beautiful trek to the falls through coffee and spice plantations to the scenic views of the surrounding mountains, everything about the falls is fascinating.

What is the best time to visit Abbey Falls?

Abbey Falls, Coorg Information
Alternate Name Abbi Falls
Location Madikeri, Coorg, Karnataka
Timings 9 AM to 5 PM
Best Time to Visit July to October
Time Needed 2-3 hours
5 more rows

Why is Abbey Falls famous?

River Kaveri drops for about 70 ft over wide rocks creating a spectacular view. While the height is not much compared to other waterfalls in Karnataka, Abbey Falls’ has wider fall area that creates spectacular views and its proximity to Madikeri city makes Abbey Falls desirable and easy to access.

How do I get to Abbey Falls?

Just a 7 km drive is what is needed to reach Abbey Falls from Madikeri town. From Coorg, one can take a bus to reach the town and then hire a jeep or a cab to reach the falls. From the place where the jeep/cab drops you, you’ll be able to hear the gushing sound but you’ll have to walk about 5 minutes to reach the fall.

How many steps are in Abbey Falls?

200 steps
Location of Abbey Falls

A short walk, of around 200 steps, through plantations of coffee and spices like cardamom, pepper, etc., take you to the Abbi Falls.

Which is better Abbey Falls or Iruppu Falls?

In a way, Abbey Falls in north Coorg is more famous than Irupu falls, however, let me tell you that both falls have their own charm, if you stay near Madikeri and have limited time in Coorg, then exploring Abbey is more than good, as you will save almost half of the day!

What waterfall is in Last of the Mohicans?

Hickory Nut Falls
The waterfall scene, the fight scene and bathing scene were all filmed at Chimney Rock State Park! If you are in the area be sure to stop in at Chimney Rock State Park, where you can stand at the base of the famous Hickory Nut Falls, the waterfall in the movie!

Where is the tallest waterfall in Maryland?

78 ft. north-central Frederick County (Blue Ridge Mountains); Cunningham Falls State Park.

Is Madikeri and Coorg same?

Madikeri is the main town of Coorg and it also serve as the district headquarters. Other major cities of the Kodagu are Virajpet, Kushalanagara and Somwarpet. Coorg District is divided into the three talukas namely Madikeri, Virajpet and Somwarpet.


Eas a’Chual Aluinn
Known officially as Britain’s highest and biggest waterfall, at 638ft, Eas a’Chual Aluinn is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the UK.


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