Agonda Goa


Our Top Beaches In Asia Ranked From #1 To #20
1- Pink Beach, Komodo, Indonesia. A lovely day on Pink Beach in Komodo National Park. .
2- Boracay, Philippines. .
3- El Nido, Palawan, Phillippines. .
4- Koh Phangan, Thailand. .
5- Northern Beach, Koh Rong, Cambodia. .
6- Soneva Gili, Maldives. .
7- Gili Air, Indonesia. .
8- Mirissa, Sri Lanka.

When is Agonda Beach open?

Palolem & Agonda

Although Palolem is slightly livelier, it is no less beautiful. The natural bay is surrounded by verdant hills, gently sloping along to the sand and into the calm and inviting water, ensuring perfect and safe swimming conditions for youngsters.

Do you need to book in advance to visit Agonda Beach?

It’s in a great location to explore the surrounding area

Agonda is pretty much slap bang in the middle of South Goa, if you imagine the south to be anything south of the airport. One of the best ways to explore the area is on a scooter, which can be rented for around 300Rs per day and two people can go on them at once.

Which is better palolem or Agonda?

Agonda Beach is perfect for swimming and chilling. It is also great for taking a boat ride and enjoying the expanse of the sea and the beauty of nearby Butterfly and Honeymoon Beaches.

Is Agonda good?

Agonda Beach is not very popular among tourists, and hence, relatively quiet and less crowded. It is also extremely popular as a nesting ground for olive ridley sea turtles.

Is Agonda beach good for swimming?

Colva Beach

The coconut palm fringed coastline is 2.5 km long with white sand. It is one of the popular beaches in the state and is home to some of the most famous and richest people.

Is Agonda Beach crowded?

Calangute Beach
Located at a distance of just 15 km from the capital town of Panjim, the long stretch of Calangute Beach is also lovingly called the Queen of Beaches. The Calangute Beach is one of the busiest and one of the most commercialised beaches in Goa.

Which is the richest beach in Goa?

Agonda is a large village located in Canacona in South Goa district, India. Agonda is famous for its beach and It is one of the only four beaches designated as turtle nesting sites under the Coastal Regulation Zone 2011 notification.

Which beach is called Queen of Goa?

The distance between Panjim and Agonda is 52 km. The road distance is 69.8 km.

Why Agonda Beach is famous?

The distance between Agonda and Goa Airport (GOI) is 40 km. The road distance is 63.3 km. How do I travel from Agonda to Goa Airport (GOI) without a car? The best way to get from Agonda to Goa Airport (GOI) without a car is to taxi which takes 1h 2m and costs ‚¹1,700 – ‚¹2,100.


Galgibaga. What is it? One of the cleanest beaches in India, which also serves as a nesting place for olive ridley sea turtles.


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