The Shiradi Ghat should be your first choice. If it is closed for repairs or if there has been the occasional landslide, you can opt for the Charmadi route.

Why is Agumbe famous?

Agumbe is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous for its rich biodiversity, waterfalls and red-hazy sun-set over the Arabian Sea. The village is also known as the ‘Cobra Capital’ of India because of the number of Cobras that are found here and could be encountered while driving along the Ghats.

How many days are enough for Agumbe?

Two days
Two days are enough for Agumbe. Main attractions are Jogi Gundi Falls , Barkana , Onake abbi falls-Rain forest research institute-Sunset point.

Can we see sea from Agumbe?

On a fine evening, the sunset can be seen over the Arabian Sea.

How to reach Agumbe from Bangalore?

How to reach Agumbe
Nearest airport: Mangaluru Airport is about 95 km away from Agumbe village.
Nearest railhead: Udupi Railway Station is about 50 km away from Agumbe.
By bus: You can directly take a bus from Bangalore to Agumbe or a bus going to Thirthahalli and then another bus from there to Agumbe.

Is it safe to visit Agumbe?

Things to Know Before Visiting Agumbe

This includes treks to some of the popular waterfalls in Agumbe including Onake Abbi Falls. Unless Leeches are your best friends, be well prepared for major leech attacks all around Agumbe especially during and post monsoons.

Is Agumbe safe to visit?

Most tourists visit Agumbe to trek through its forests or to visit the waterfalls. Trekking to the Kudlu Theertha Falls or Nishani Gudda offers a once in a lifetime experience. (But also beware of the leeches that infest the forests.) The high points of the treks are the visual treats that Agumbe offers.

How do I get to Agumbe by train?

The nearest railway station to Agumbe is the Udupi Railway Station, which is around 50Km away from Agumbe. There are direct trains available from the Mumbai Railway Station to Udupi Railway Station and the Shimoga Railway Station, there are autos and taxis available towards the village of Agumbe.

Which place is best for 3 days trip in Karnataka?

Alleppey, Dudhsagar Falls, Tadiandamol Trek, Coonoor, Coorg, Chikmagalur, Gokarna, Kudremukh, Pondicherry, Kovalam, Mudumalai National Park, Kodaikanal, Wayand, Hampi, Ooty, Sakleshpur, Goa and many more.

How long is Agumbe Ghat?

around 11 kilometres
Agumbe ghats is popular for many breathtaking hairpin and horseshoe road curves. It has one of the best scenic routes and is also a trekkers’ paradise. The ghat road is around 11 kilometres in length having roughly 16 hairpin bends and the elevation of Agumbe is 830 metres above sea level.


Agumbe is a small village of Malnad region of Karnataka and is called Cherrapunji of South India because it receives 7,000+ mm of rainfalls annually. This place is located in Shivmogga district and can be easily accessed from Mangalore, Udupi and Shivamogga.


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