Ajman Bus Routes


The procedure of getting a resident visa under your own free zone company is almost the same in all the free zones:
Business registration 1 day.
Establishment card (immigration card) 10 days.
Entry visa 5 days.
Medical check-up, Emirates ID and visa stamping 5 days.
Emirates ID – 7 days from the date of visa stamping.

How much is the bus fare from Ajman to Dubai?

How much is the bus fare? The Dubai to Ajman bus fare is AED 12. You can buy tickets at the metro station or pay for the journey using the NOL card. Please remember that travelling from Ajman to Dubai via E400 will cost AED 15.

How to check bus timing in Ajman?

You can reach out to Ajman Transport Authority at +.

How to get Ajman bus card?

HOW TO APPLY FOR MASSAR CARD AT THE AJMAN CENTRAL BUS STATION? Simply head to the counter at the central bus station and provide your Emirates ID and other details. The officer at the counter will issue your Massar card and then you can charge your required amount in it by paying at the station counter.

How to travel in Ajman?

You can travel to Ajman by car or taxi but if you are looking for a more affordable option there’s always the bus! The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) includes an intercity bus route from Dubai to Ajman, and vice versa.

Which taxi is cheaper in UAE?

Hala Taxi. Hala Taxi is one of the most affordable taxi options in Dubai. Listed on Careem as one of the options, you can choose your pick-up and drop-off location, and pick between a car or van. Pricing: Dhs8 starting fee, Dhs12 minimum fare, and Dhs1.

Which is the cheapest emirate in UAE?

However, in both areas expats can still expect to put half of their paycheck towards rent alone.
Most expensive emirate: Dubai (with Abu Dhabi as a close second)
Cheapest emirate: Ajman.

What time is the last bus to Ajman?

1 PM
The E400 bus (Ajman) has 10 stops departing from Union Square Bus Station – 01 and ending in Ajman – 01. E400 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at AM and ends at 1 PM.

How to get taxi in Ajman?

Sharjah, call on 600525252 or request online. Ajman, call on 600599997.

What is the bus rule in UAE?

Safety rules require bus drivers to carry out daily maintenance checks on the vehicles. They must obey speed limits, ensure they keep to the designated routes and see that the bus is empty at the end of their journeys.


In Dubai, you can pay for all public transport including bus, metro, waterbus, water taxi, abras, tram and even for public parking with Nol card. Nol is a smart card. You can add certain balance or recharge it via the RTA’s applications or at the smart kiosks present at bus and metro stations.


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