Amboli Ghat


KONKAN known as the Heaven on earth in Maharashtra INDIA, which has a great history, culture, tradition, not only this but FULL of NATURE. One should definitely visit This Heaven on Earth called KONKAN.

Which state is Amboli Ghat?

This ghat is one of the tourist attractions in Maharashtra.

How long is Amboli Ghat?

30 kms is ghat section, which starts from Jog falls and ends at Honnavar. Roads in the ghats are narrow for around 10 kms.

Why is Amboli famous?

Amboli is a famous hill station in South Maharashtra, India. It is the last hill station before the seaside highlands of Goa. Amboli lies in the Sahyadri Hills of western India, one of the “Eco Hot-Spots” and has large amounts of strange flora and fauna.

What is the best time to visit Amboli?

The best time to visit Amboli is between the months of October and February, i.e the winter time. It is during this time of the year that Amboli is at its best. This hill stations experiences best weather condition during these months.

How to go to Amboli from Pune?

To travel from Pune to Amboli, drive down the Wai Satara Karad Uran Islampur Yelur and reach Kolhapur from Shiroli. Further use the route from Kolhapur to Amboli to reach Amboli hill station. If you want to go via train, the closest railway station after traveling a distance of 30 km is Sawantwadi to Amboli.

How to reach Amboli?

How to reach Amboli by Air. The nearest airport to Amboli is Goa Airport which connects the city with local flights to Mumbai and Bangalore. For international flights, one can move to the Mumbai airport which is at a distance of 555 km from the hill station.

Is Amboli Ghat difficult to drive?

If you drive careful and avoid speed. The Ghats can be tricky,the regular drivers ,mainly truck drivers are extremely rash so you have to be careful.

Which is the best ghat in Maharashtra?

Ambenali Ghat is a mountain road in Maharashtra, India cutting across the Northern Western Ghats or the Sahyadri mountain range. It connects the coastal Raigad District Konkan region of Maharashtra with the Satara District Desh region on the Deccan plateau.

Which ghat is longest in Maharashtra?

Ambenali Ghat

The ghat road or mountain road is a 40 km long mountain ghat road with many hairpin turns and slope.


This place is a popular honeymoon destination and is loved for its waterfalls, flora & fauna, lush green forest, trekking experience and many more. In addition, this place is close to the tourist hub of Goa and serves as a relaxing getaway. Interestingly, there are many places to visit in Amboli.


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