Bara Imambara. Bara Imambara | #1 of 25 Places to Visit in Lucknow. .
Chota Imambara. Chota Imambara | #2 of 25 Places to Visit in Lucknow. .
British Residency. British Residency | #3 of 25 Places to Visit in Lucknow. .
Rumi Darwaza. .
Chattar Manzil. .
Dilkusha Kothi. .
Husainabad Clock Tower. .
Amrapali Water Park.

Why is Aminabad famous?

Besides, Aminabad is famous for its wide variety of food stalls and eateries selling everything from bread and meat rolls to kebabs and biryanis. Tunday Kebab and Prakash Kulfi are among the most famous that one should not miss if you visit Aminabad.

Is Aminabad a city?

Aminabad is an locality in Lucknow, Lucknow District, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Is aminabad open?

Aminabad Market open from 1 am to 1 pm, No entry fee.

Is Aminabad closed on Sunday?


Aminabad is the most preferred market for shopping in Lucknow.

Which is the safest area in Lucknow?

Top 8 Best Places in Lucknow to Live
GOMTI NAGAR. The best residential area in Lucknow and a popular one too! .
INDIRA NAGAR. The most sought-after residential area in Lucknow! .

Which is the richest area in Lucknow?

1. Indira Nagar. The locality of Indira Nagar is one of the renowned posh areas in Lucknow. The locality is considered as the preeminent residential colony, which has close proximity to areas like Hajratganj, Kalyanpur and Gomti Nagar, etc.

What is Lucknow nickname?

City of Nawabs
Uttar Pradesh
City/town Nickname
Lucknow City of Nawabs Capital of Uttar Pradesh
Kanpur Leather City
Baghpat Land of Tigers
Ballia Baghi Ballia

What is the oldest name of Lucknow?

Therefore, people say that the original name of Lucknow was Lakshmanpur, popularly known as Lakhanpur or Lachmanpur.

Why is Lucknow called so?

“Lucknow” is the anglicised spelling of the local pronunciation “Lakhnau”. According to one legend, the city is named after Lakshmana, a hero of the Hindu epic Ramayana. The legend states that Lakshmana had a palace or an estate in the area, which was called Lakshmanapuri (Sanskrit: ²•·®ª°, lit. Lakshmana’s city).


Malls Lucknow
Phoenix United Mall. 4.3. 40108 Ratings. .
Wave Mall. 4.3. 32838 Ratings. .
Fun Republic. 4.2. 30453 Ratings. .
Phoenix United Mall. 4.5. 29138 Ratings. .
Singapore Mall. 4.0. 15632 Ratings. Gomti Nagar. .
C. One Awadh Center. 4.2. 11746 Ratings. .
Lulu Mall. 4.3. 11154 Ratings. Paharpur. .
Umrao Mall. 4.1. 7123 Ratings. Mahanagar.


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