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Spain allows minors as young as 14 to be tattooed with parent consent.

What are the 10 most popular tattoos?

Here is a list of some of the most popular tattoo designs.
Dolphins. Dolphin tattoos are extremely popular among women. .
Dragons. Its no surprise that this legendary fire breathing creature tops our list. .
Butterfly. The butterfly tattoo is, well, pretty to say the least. .
Celtic Symbols. .
Wings. .
Stars. .
Hearts. .

How do I find unique tattoo ideas?

The best ways to find inspiration for your next tattoo
Consider whether its going to have any meaning. .
Look up some different tattoo styles and genres. .
Have a think about the style, size and placement. .
Take a look at your favorite books, movies and video games. .
Search for inspiration on social media.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Santorini?

HOW OLD DO I HAVE TO BE IN ORDER TO BE TATTOOED? The Greek laws concerning tattoo and piercing prohibits these actions to customers under the age 18 years old.

What inspires a tattoo?

Jen also recommends you think about whats meaningful to you, because tattoos aresuch a personal form of self-expression, you could take inspiration from: one of your favorite places, animals, flowers, people you want to celebrate or remember, significant moments in your life, hobbies or media you enjoy, your .

What is the most attractive spot for a tattoo?

Those attracted to women saw a three-way tie between the upper back, shoulder and hips (with a 3.3 rating). The back: a top-rated tattoo location for women and men. The hip: a top-rated tattoo location for women. The upper arm: a top-rated tattoo location for men.

Which tattoo is good for success?

A lot of people ink a four-leaf clover or a horseshoe, among other common symbols associated with luck.” So if you have a good-luck symbol you feel particularly attached to, getting that as a tattoo may attract positive energy in your life.

What is the hardest color to tattoo?

Tattoo Ink

Green is the hardest color to remove followed by light blue. Neon colors are also incredibly difficult to remove, and typically require multiple treatments with the Ruby laser. As a general rule, the greater the contrast between the color of the tattoo pigment and your skin, the better the result.

What are the 5 major types of tattoos?

Here are the 12 most popular, classic tattoo styles:
Classic Americana tattoo. .
New school tattoo style. .
3. Japanese tattoo style. .
Black and grey tattoo style. .
Portraiture tattoo. .
Stick and poke tattoo. .
Blackwork tattoo style. .
Biomechanical tattoo.

What are the 13 styles of tattoos?

Different Tattoo Styles
Traditional & Old School Tattoo Style.
Neo Traditional Tattoo Style.
Tribal tattoo Style.
Watercolor tattoo Style.
Blackwork tattoo Style.
Realism tattoo style.
Japanese tattoo style.
Trash Polka tattoo style.


Greek tattoo law only covers tattoos and not permanent make-up. Other key provisions, in a non-exhaustive summary: Only tattoo persons who are at least 18 years of age. Persons under the age of 18 may only be tattooed in the presence of a guardian who has given the required written consent.


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