As per the legend, the oarsmen is considered Lord Krishna and whatever dish they ask, must be served. Those who wish to book a Valla Sadhya Offering shall submit an application to Palliodakkara that owns the respective snake boat. Once accepted, they may book by paying the amount to the Palliyoda Seva Sanghom.

What is Aranmula famous for?

This small village on the banks of river Pamba is the place where world famous Aranmula Kannadi (metal mirror) is crafted by specialized artisans.

Why is Aranmula Kannadi famous?

Aranmula, a village in the district of Pathanamthitta is well known for its ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna also known as Parthasarathy.

Which God is in Aranmula temple?

God Krishna
The Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple is a Hindu temple located near Aranmula, a village in Pathanamthitta District, Kerala, South India. It is dedicated to the God Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu, who is worshipped as Parthasarathy (Arjunas charioteer).

In which district is Aranmula?

Pathanamthitta District
Aranmula, Aranmula Panchayat, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala, India | Kerala Tourism.

Why is Aranmula mirror special?

The uniqueness of the Aranmula kannadi is that it is front reflecting, unlike plane glass mirrors where reflection takes place on the back surface of the glass, where the reflective coating is applied. In plane mirrors, light travels through the glass and back, so it gets refracted and changes direction.

Which is the cleanest mirror in the world?

Aranmula Kannadi, meaning the Aranmula mirror, is a handmade, metal-alloy, first surface mirror made in Aranmula, a small town in Pathanamthitta, todays Kerala, India.

Why is Aranmula Kannadi so expensive?

The Aranmula Kannadi price is usually fixed and non-negotiable in the village as making these mirrors is the only means of livelihood for many of these artists and a lot of labor goes in crafting them.

Does Aranmula mirror break?

yes, the aranmula mirror can break but not as the normal glass. if it fall from a big height, or hit with some massive or sharp objects, the mirror may break. even if it is made out of metal, the thickness of it is a few millimeters. also that is a secret metal combination of copper, led, zinc and many.

How do you clean Aranmula mirror?

this can be cleaned off, only if you rub it with cotton /velvet cloth smoothly on the surface of the mirror within 5 minutes in vertical direction and if it is not properly cleaned, then sprinkle a bit Brass cleaner available in the market like œDhara Cleaner  on velvet cloth or mirror cleaning cloth ,Fold the Cloth


Lord Krishna is worshipped widely in all parts of Kerala, Guruvayur being one of the most famous temples in the state. Malayali Hindus also worship Bhagavathi as a form of Shakti. Almost every village in Kerala has its own local guardian deity, usually a goddess.


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