Ashram At Pondicherry


Dress by local standards: Both men and women should wear modest clothes such as long pants or long shorts and tops with sleeves; no short- shorts, bathing costumes, or halter-tops.

How to join Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry?

You can apply for SAS Membership online or via mail. Please note that we will need 15 days to process your request. If you have not received the membership card within 20 days� time or if you have any queries related to membership, email us at

Can I stay in Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry?

The Ashram offers accommodation in a few guest houses situated within a mile of the main Ashram building. These are meant for visitors to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and not for the casual tourist looking for inexpensive accommodation in Pondicherry.

What to expect in Aurobindo Ashram?

The environment is extremely calm and serene. Inside the building, you are not allowed to use your phone or speak. Outside the ashram, your shoes and chappals must be removed and placed on racks opposite the ashram. Cleanliness and order are maintained in the ashram by volunteers and associates.

How to visit Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry?

While it is possible to enter the main Ashram building freely during visiting hours, some sections of the Ashram require that you obtain a pass before you can be allowed to enter. If you get accommodation in any of the Ashram Guest Houses, you will be given the appropriate passes.

How much does stay at Auroville cost?

On an average, Guest Houses In Auroville costs around INR 2,088 per night.

How can I live permanently in Auroville?

As soon as possible after arrival, people should go to the Auroville Residents Service (RS) situated in the Town Hall. The RS will prepare the necessary documents for registration with the Regional Registration Office (RRO), where the person will be registered to reside in India.

Can I stay in Aurobindo ashram for free?

500/- (five hundred) to the guest. As per instruction of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, dining room, coupons will be issued only from the Bureau Central. Visitors pass for visiting the Ashram and attending other activities of the Ashram can be had from the reception.

Is money needed in Auroville?

Instead of paper and coin currency, residents are given account numbers to connect to their central account. Visitors are requested to get a temporary account and an Aurocard (debit card). Residents of Auroville are expected to make a monthly contribution to the community.

Do you need permission to enter Auroville?

Matrimandir Inner Chamber: The Inner Chamber is now open to visitors every morning except Tuesday & Sunday. Booking on an individual level is required. Reporting time for all visitors is 8.30 am. We request you to book only if you can reach by or before that time.


You can wear any kind of dress. Most people find shorts and short-sleeved shirts comfortable for the pondy weather. Most ashramites are very approachable, especially when you have genuine things to discuss.


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