Bangalore To Dubare Elephant Camp Coorg


It takes around 6-8 hours of time if you are planning for a one day picnic to Kaveri Nisargadhama Forest Park. For those planning to stay in the forest guest house, a minimum of two days is ideal.

How to reach Dubare Elephant Camp from Bangalore?

Located at a distance of 30 kilometers from Madikeri and 15 kms from Kushalnagar, Dubare Elephant Camp can be reached from Bangalore via roadways. The best way to reach here is by hiring a taxi or jeep or boarding a bus.
By Road.
Bangalore to Coorg
By Air –
By Road 6.0 hours
By Train 2.0 hours
By Sea –
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How much time needed in Dubare Elephant Camp?

Visiting the camp may take anywhere between 1-2 hours depending on the crowd. Elephant bathing, feeding and boating in Kaveri usually take time and you need to wait for your turn. It is better to dedicate half day for Dubare including travel.

How do I get to Dubare Elephant Camp?

The nearest airport to Dubare Elephant Camp is Mangalore Airport, at a distance of 180 km. From there one can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach the camp. The nearest railway station to Coorg is Mysore Railway Station which is located at a distance of 100 km.

Is Dubare Elephant Camp open during COVID?

As far as the Dubare Elephant Camp is concerned, it is closed as River Cauvery is in full spate due to bountiful rains. Also, it is an arduous task for the Forest Department to take the tourists to the camp crossing the river and maintaining social distancing in the two boats they have.

Is dubare rafting open?

Activity Timings: am – pm.

Can we camp anywhere in Coorg?

Some of the best Camping In Coorg are Jungle Mount Adventure Camp, Kakkabbe, Wood Shack, Napoklu, and Evergreen County, Virajpet.

How much is the entrance to elephant Sanctuary?

Entry Ticket For Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Chiang Mai

And, the price for Elephant Jungle Sanctuary full-day tour costs 2400 Baht, i.e. INR 5256 for adults, while 1800 Baht. i.e. INR 3942 for children in between 3 to 10 years.

How many elephants are in Dubare Elephant Camp?

150 elephants
The Dubare Elephant Camp is a must-experience for the elephant lover in you. Karnataka’s history with elephants, goes a long way back and currently the state’s Forest Department has about 150 elephants in various camps.

Can we pitch a tent in Coorg?

1. Enjoy Popular Games: When camping near Virajpet in Coorg, you can set up your tents and enjoy popular games like Volleyball, badminton as well as cricket with other campers.


A. The Distance between Madikeri to Coorg by road is 24KM. The aerial distance from Madikeri to Coorg is 12KM.


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