Bapatla Beach Resorts


Chirala ( pronunciation (help·info)), (°š±°°°¾°², Telugu) a city in Bapatla district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a municipality and the headquarters of Chirala mandal in Chirala revenue division. As of 2011, it had a population of above 170,000.

What facilities will I get in the Bapatla Beach resorts?

Surya Lanka Beach

However, I liked chirala beach better than suryalanka beach as, its clean with less crowd and peaceful. Here you can enjoy the pleasant breeze and the soothing sound of the waves.

What is the lowest & highest price for resorts in Bapatla Beach?

Suryalanka Beach or Bapatla Beach is a beach in Bapatla district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located approximately 9 kilometers from Bapatla Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple and 50 miles south of Guntur City. It is located in the Bay of Bengal.

Which is better Suryalanka Beach or Chirala beach?

Suryalanka Beach is a lesser-known gem situated near Bapatla near Guntur. The beach is famous for the sweeping views of the sun, sea and sand. It is also ideal for swimming.

Is Suryalanka and Bapatla Beach same?

Suryalanka Beach is a beach in Guntur District of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located 50 miles south of Guntur City near Bapatla. It is located in the Bay of Bengal.

Why Suryalanka Beach is famous?

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

So, it’s needless to say that it is the best beach in India. Many people across the world come over to marvel at this lovely beach. But if you want some time alone go for a stroll along the shores, you’ll find much-needed tranquility around.

Where is Suryalanka?

Covelong Beach, Chennai

5 km away from Chennai, in the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, Covelong beach is one of the best beaches in South India. This heavenly beach has clean blue waters and white sands.

Which is the No 1 beach in India?

Vodarevu Beach

Located 8 km from Chirala, Vodarevu is one of the most visited beaches, offering exciting water sport activities and fishing options.

Which is the cleanest beach in South India?

Chirala is famous for its beaches and textile industry. The two most popular beaches in the city are the Ramapurram beach and the Vodarevu beach. These beaches are practically untouched, and the cleanliness and serenity of the beaches can’t be told in wordsit needs to be seen in person to be truly understood.

Which beach is better in Chirala?

The Ramakrishna beach is a beautiful spot for relaxation and pleasure is a natural beautic scene. There is an imposing Kali Temple near this beach. The aquarium here is an added attraction. The roaring sounds of sea gives enormous pleasure.


Bapatla is also an ideal destination for spiritual travelers. The city is home to one of the oldest Hindu shrines in the state, Bhavanarayana Swami Temple. Built during the 14th century by the region’s Chola rulers, it is worth visiting for its religious as well as archeological value.


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