Baratang Island


The volcano at Tower Hill is classified as dormant. This means that it hasn’t erupted for many thousands of years, and fortunately there is no sign that it has plans to do so anytime soon. Yet, the volcanic activity in the area is clearly visible.

Why is Baratang Island famous?

Baratang is famous for its natural wonders; from impressive Limestone Caves and dense mangrove creeks. There are tidal swamp forests and small but fascinating Mud Volcanoes. It is the first gateway up north from the capital city, located between the Middle and South of Andaman.

Are there crocodiles in baratang Island?

The area is dark even in the afternoon as light barely penetrates the thick leaves of Hental, Sundari, Buttonwood and black mangrove trees. The boatmen repeatedly caution the visitors not to put their hand into the water as the creeks are infested with salt-water crocodiles.

Is baratang Island active volcano?

Natural wonder, not very active ! Mud volcano near Baratang is a natural wonder. Baratang island is the only place in South-Asia which can has a mud volcano. This is formed by gases and liquids excreted by the earth’s interior.

How to go from Port Blair to Baratang?

While there are car/bus routes to the Baratang, the most comfortable and fastest way to get access to this heavenly island is through waterways either by boat or ferry. Makruzz operates daily fleets to Baratang Island from Port Blair with the best of services in the entire Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

How long is Baratang away from the hotel in Port Blair?

Distance Between Port Blair to Baratang
Distance between Port Blair to Baratang by Road is 101 Kms
Distance between Port Blair to Baratang by Flight is 66 Kms
Travel Time from Port Blair to Baratang by Road is hrs
Nearest Airport in Port Blair Veer Savarkar International Airport (11.62, 92.73)
1 more row

Is Elephant Beach open today?

Timing of Visiting Elephant Beach

This beach is only open for day trips and the entire beach gets closed at around 4 PM. If you are planning to visit this mesmerizing place then make sure you visit for 4-5 hours between 10 am – 2 pm that you can do all the activities.

What island is infested with alligators?

Ramree Island (Burmese: ›º¸—¼²»½”º¸; also spelled Yanbye Island) is an island off the coast of Rakhine State, Myanmar (Burma).

What is the most crocodile infested river?

the T¡rcoles River
With an average of 75 crocodiles per square mile, the T¡rcoles River in Costa Rica is the perfect setting for the world’s highest concentration of crocodiles. This river is a popular tourist destination because of its crocodiles, believe it or not.

What island is full of crocodiles?

island of Ramree
Located in Burma, the island of Ramree is accessible to anyone wishing to visit, however we advise against it. This island and its crocodiles are part of the Guinness World Book with the record for the most men killed by animals.


The Cellular Jail and limestone caves in Baratang are closed on mondays.


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