Barog Tunnel


1 L¦rdal, Norway, between L¦rdal and Aurland: measuring 24.51 kilometres in length, built in 2000. 2 Yamate Tunnel, Japan, in Tokyo: measuring 18.2 kilometres in length, built in 2015.

Why Barog tunnel is closed?

After some time, the workers became hopeless and began doubting the decisions on Colonel Barog. The Colonel also realized that due to his miscalculations, the alignments of the tunnels were wrong, and both the ends of the tunnel could not meet.

What is Barog tunnel?

Barog tunnel is the longest of the 103 operational tunnels on the route of the UNESCO heritage Kalka-Shimla railway, which is 1143.61m long. Barog station is immediately after the tunnel. Trains take about 2.5 minutes to cross this tunnel, running at 25 kilometres per hour.

Who made Barog tunnel?

Colonel Barog
Colonel Barog, a railway engineer, was assigned the work of Tunnel No. 33. The Barog tunnel is precisely 1,143.61 mt long. He made his calculations and as per the usual practice ordered the crew to drill from both sides of the mountain.

Which tunnel is the longest tunnel in Shimla Kalka rail track?

Barog Tunnel
Out of these 102 tunnels, Barog Tunnel (No 33) 3752 feet long (It is the longest Tunnels of Kalka Shimla Railway line) requires special mention.

Which is the longest tunnel in J&K?

T49 Highlights
T49 is the longest railway tunnel in the country.
The tunnel is 12.75 km long and surpasses the Peer Panjal Tunnel (11.2 km)
It is part of the USBRL project.
Breakthrough of the tunnel was achieved on February 15, 2022.
Afcons has constructed 7.32 km (nearly 60%) of the total tunnel.

Which is Asias largest tunnel?

It is India’s longest road tunnel with a length of 9.028 km (5.6 mi), and the country’s first tunnel with a fully integrated tunnel control system. It reduces the distance between Jammu and Srinagar by 30 km and travel time by two hours.
Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Tunnel.
Highest elevation 1,200 m (3,937 ft)
Width 13 m (43 ft)
19 more rows

Which is the 2nd longest tunnel in India?

A part of the Konkan railway route, Karbude Tunnel is the second longest railway tunnel in India. Positioned along the Konkan Coast near Ratnagiri, the tunnel extends up to 6.5 kilometres and falls between Ukshi and Bhoke railway stations.

Which tunnel is highest in India?

At this moment, the Atal Tunnel provides a safer alternative to the 13,000 ft high Rohtang Pass and is the world’s highest tunnel above 10,000 ft.

Which is the oldest tunnel in India?

The correct answer is Parsik Railway Tunnel. Parsik tunnel is a railway tunnel which cuts across the Parsik Hill in Thane, Maharashtra, India. This tunnel lies on Mumbai-Kalyan main line.


Bhanwar Tonk Tunnel (1,024 meters) is the shortest tunnel in India located in Chhattisgarh.


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