Best Place To Stay In Istanbul As A Tourist


As an introduction to the country, Istanbul, Antalya and Bodrum offer excellent entry points. Stand up paddleboarding is an increasingly popular pastime in the Mediterranean off the coast of Turkey. Located at the historic crossroads between east and west, Turkey has long held a romantic sway over travellers.

Which part of Istanbul is the best to stay in?

Fatih District is the most popular place to stay in Istanbul for tourists because there are so many attractions here – basically everywhere you look, there’s something to visit, be it a museum, a mosque or a bazaar. Many of the sites can be visited easily on foot or via a short journey on public transport.

Is it better to stay in Taksim or Sultanahmet?

Taksim is better for people who want a good value place and somewhere with a neighbourhood atmosphere. Sultanahmet is the ‘proper’ old city of Istanbul, and is close to the main tourist attractions, but is also quite a lot more expensive and touristy.

Which is the best area to stay in Turkey?

The best places to stay in Turkey:
Alanya. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Alanya, one of the most popular seaside resorts in Turkey. .
Side. Halfway between Alanya and Antalya lies the charming resort town of Side, another extremely popular place to stay in Turkey. .
Antalya. .
Kemer. .
Cappadocia. .
Marmaris. .
Bodrum. .

Which part of Istanbul is luxury?

Sisli is also a cosmopolitan and upscale district of Istanbul, on the European side. It is famous for its vibrant and busy city life, history and culture, museums, churches, mosques, lively shopping streets and shopping malls. Sisli is one of the most expensive ones in Istanbul as for accommodation.

Where should I stay in Istanbul first time?

* First time visitors should stay in the city center, better to be near city’s top attractions and within easy reach to public transport. Sultanahmet, Karakoy or Taksim would be your best choice. * You should stay away from the cheap hotels that are very far away from the city center.

Why is Taksim Square famous?

Taksim Square was the location of football riots in 2000 when two Leeds United fans were stabbed to death during clashes with Galatasaray fans, the night before the 1999-2000 UEFA Cup semi-final first leg match between the two teams.

Is it better to stay in Sultanahmet or Beyoglu?

Sultanahmet Best Area To Stay In Istanbul For Sightseeing

The main reason why many visitors consider Sultanahmet to be the best area of Istanbul to stay for tourists is its wealth of attractions.

How many days are enough for Istanbul?

If you don’t mind rushing around, then you can see everything in

How far is Taksim Square from airport?

How far is Taksim Square from Istanbul Airport? The distance between Istanbul Airport (IST) and Taksim is 40 km. Thus, the ride with a car should take 35 minutes under normal traffic conditions while Havaist buses reach Taksim in about 90 minutes.


With some of the most famous and impressive landmarks, Istanbul is undoubtedly the best city to stay in when visiting Turkey for the first time. From the city, first-time travelers can have access to some of the most popular attractions in the country.

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