Boothnath vows to redeem himself when spirits tease him, and searches for a child to terrify. He befriends Akhrot, a slum kid, and helps him take on the country’s most powerful politician.
Bhoothnath Returns / Film synopsis

Is Bhoothnath Returns hit or flop?

Box office

Bhoothnath returns collected ‚¹300 million (US$3.8 million) domestic and ‚¹20 million (US$250,000) overseas(as of 20 April 2014). Satellite rights of the film is sold to Sony for ‚¹210 million (US$2.6 million); made it a good profitable venture for producers.

Will there be a Bhootnath 3?

T-series’ managing director Bhushan Kumar and producer Kapil aka Juno Chopra are joining hands once again for Bhoothnath 3, making moviegoers excited. Bhoothnath is an important franchise for Bhushan Kumar and Kapil Chopra and they want to give it their all to present a worthy part 3.

Who is the boy in Bhootnath?

Parth Bhalerao
Parth Bhalerao is an Indian child actor who appears in Bollywood films. He started his acting career with the Marathi film Upside Down (Khalti Doka Varti Paay) but his first released film in Hindi is the 2014 Bollywood film Bhoothnath Returns, co-starring Amitabh Bachchan, for which he received critical acclaim.

What is the story of Bhoothnath?

Banku and his parents move into their new home, the Nath Villa. Here, Banku meets the unfriendly ghost of the former owner. Not only does Banku befriend him but also helps him make his final journey.
Bhoothnath / Film synopsis

Is Atrangi re hit or flop?

Atrangi Re Hit Or Flop
Movie Atrangi Re (2021)
Atrangi Re Budget 45 Crore INR
Distribution Rights Cost (Disney+ Hotstar) 90 Crore INR (Incl. Akshay Kumar 27 Crore Fees)
Views On OTT 36 Million+
Atrangi Re Movie Verdict Hit
2 more rows

Which Bollywood actor has most movies?

Jagdish Raj Khurana (1928 28 July 2013) was a Bollywood actor who holds a Guinness World Record for being the most type-cast actor. He played the role of a police inspector in 144 films.

Why is Mahadev called Bhootnath?

Bholenath: The word ‘Bhola’ (Hindi) means Innocent, simple, down to earth. Lord Shiva is called ‘Bholenath’ because he is easily pleased and showers his blessings on his devotees without any complex rituals, he gives shelter to any devotee with sincere devotion and a clean heart.

Where is Bhootnath Mandir situated?

Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Bhootnath Temple is an ancient temple located in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Situated in the heart of the town, it is one of the famous places of pilgrimage in Mandi. Bhootnath Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was constructed in 1527 CE during the rule of Raja Ajmer Sen, a ruler of Mandi.

What is the real name of Bhoothnath?

The next day he bids them a brief farewell. Some more days later, one night, Banku encounters the ghost whose name is Kailash Nath. Little Banku, who is told by his mother that ghosts don’t exist but angels do, considers him to be one and also nicknames him Bhoothnath.


The supernatural comedy film Bhoothnath starring Amitabh Bachchan, Juhi Chawla, Rajpal Yadav, and Shah Rukh Khan was released in 2008. The film was a box office success.


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