Bhushi Dam Lonavala


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Why is Bhushi Dam famous?

It is famous for Chikki (a mixture of pea nuts or dry fruits with Jaggery). Various hotels and resorts are available near Bhushi Dam, Lonavala. Hospitals are located near Bhushi Dam at 5.5 KM.

Is Bhushi Dam open 2022?

Yes, Bhushi Dam is open for tourists now.

Can we visit Bhushi Dam?

Bhushi Dam, Lonavala Overview

It is a popular tourist attraction which is best visited during the monsoons when the water in the dam overflows and creates a sort of waterfall. Even though swimming is prohibited in the dam due to the inconsistent flow of the water, one can always enjoy on the steps.

Is Bhushi Dam open for public?

Pune: The Pune district administration in a fresh order released on October 14 has reopened Bhushi dam and other tourist spots for tourism. District collector Rajesh Deshmukh issued the order stating that the tourist spots near dams and other places in the hill town will be open to the public.

Why Tiger is called in Lonavala?

Tiger’s Point or Tiger’s Leap is a prominent tourist attraction in Lonavala and offers splendid views of the valley. If you look closely, you can see an impression of a tiger trying to leap across the valley, which is why the vantage point has earned its name.

Which point is best in Lonavala?

Places to Visit in Lonavala:
Tiger’s Leap, Lonavala. Tiger’s Leap | #1 of 25 Places to Visit in Lonavala. .
Bhaja Caves, Lonavala. Bhaja Caves | #2 of 25 Places to Visit in Lonavala. .
Karla Caves, Lonavala. .
Bhushi Dam, Lonavala. .
Duke’s Nose, Lonavala. .
Tikona Fort, Lonavala. .
Pawna Lake, Lonavala. .
Lohagad Fort, Lonavala.

Which month is best for Lonavala?

The best thing about Lonavala and Khandala is the pleasant weather all year round. The best time to visit is June to September, during monsoon season, when surroundings come alive in beautiful lush greenery, and the lakes get filled up to the brim with the rain.

Is Lonavala open for tourists 2022?

Yes, it is open, you can stay at a hotel or resort. However major tourist attractions like Bhushi dam, lion’s point and tiger point are closed for public.

Can we go to Lonavala on Sunday?

Pune. Tourist attractions in Lonavala closed for tourists on Saturday, Sunday.


This 2 days trip to Lonavala will help you escape your monotonous life and dive into a peaceful, yet fun, journey. A drive on the Mumbai-Pune expressway to Lonavala, is a completely rejuvenating experience, one which will also let you enjoy some beautiful views of the Western Ghats.


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