There is no dress code. Be dressed normally as per Indian customs. Skimpy dresses for women and outrageous dresses for men may not be accepted.

What is Bylakuppe famous for?

Most notable among them are the large educational monastic institution Sera Monastery, the smaller Tashi Lhunpo Monastery (both in the Gelug tradition) and Namdroling Monastery (in the Nyingma tradition). Bylakuppe also has many Buddhist universities for advanced Buddhist practices.

What should I buy in Bylakuppe?

You can get clothes, shoes, souvenirs and even eatables. If you cook Chinese food, Camp 1 is a good place to buy homemade egg noddles. There is a small shopping complex in Camp 1 on the left side of the road (when you enter Bylakuppe from the Hunsur – Madikeri Highway).

Can you stay in Namdroling Monastery?

Unfortunately, foreigners need a permit to stay overnight in Bylakuppe, so its best to stay in or around Kushalnagar. Budget: There are plenty of cheap hotels near the bus station. We found a room in a nondescript guesthouse for 150 Rs/person/night.

Why did Tibetans come to Coorg?

After Chinese took over Tibet the refugees were settled at Bylakuppe near Kushalnagar. The Monastery was re-established in the year 1972. Young Tibetans seeking enlightenment and education come to this place. Apart from that, it is one of the popular sightseeing places in Coorg.

Why did Tibetans came to India?

Tens of thousands fled over the Himalayas to seek refuge in India, where Tibets spiritual leader by incarnation, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, had been granted asylum and allowed to form a government-in-exile after fleeing in 1959. An estimated 130.000 Tibetans are living in India today.

What is the holiest place in Tibet?

The Jokhang (Tibetan: ½‡½¼¼‹½½„¼, Chinese: §æ˜­¯º), also known as the Qoikang Monastery, Jokang, Jokhang Temple, Jokhang Monastery and Zuglagkang (Tibetan: ½‚½½´½‚¼‹½£½‚¼‹½½„¼¼, Wylie: gtsug-lag-khang, ZYPY: Zuglagkang or Tsuklakang), is a Buddhist temple in Barkhor Square in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region of .

What is Coorg famous for give any four?

It is famous for its coffee plantations, steep hills, countless streams, rich flora & fauna, lush forests and breathtaking views. Some of the must visit tourist attractions of Coorg include Nagarhole National Park, Abbi Falls, Iruppu Falls, The Rajas Seat, Madikeri Fort and Tibetan Buddhist Golden Temple.

How is Coorg a place worth?

Coorg is a tourists paradise. A small town of Southern Karnataka, comfortably cradled by the Western Ghats, it is a destination of tranquillity, peace and beauty. Its scenic beauty remains unparalleled to any other place. Rich in both flora and fauna it is the ideal place for trekking and enjoying Natures bounty.

What is the bonus point for Coorg?

The climb to the Brahmagiri hills brings you into a panoramic view of the entire misty landscape of Coorg. A walk across the rope bridge leads to the sixty-four-acre island of Nisargadhama. Running into Buddhist monk& from Indias largest Tibetan settlement, at nearby Bylakuppe, is a bonus.


Yes, in some of the Buddhist monastery, you can help the monks as a volunteer and you can live in the monastery for certain period.


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