Cambodia Flag Tattoo


Meaning of Cambodia in English

Cambodia. /k¦mˈbəʊ.di.ə/ us. /k¦mˈboʊ.di.ə/ a country in Southeast Asia. Countries, nationalities & continents: country names.

What is unique about Cambodia’s flag?

The Cambodian flag features a blue stripe on the top and bottom, and a red stripe which is double the width in the middle. A white image of Angkor Wat features in the middle of the red stripe. The Cambodian flag is the only national flag in the world which incorporates an actual building in its design.

What do Cambodian tattoos mean?

The ancient art form is believed to have been used for protection and spiritual healing, and is one of the main reasons why it is still being practiced today. A Cambodian tattoo is a sign of courage and strength and a symbol of good luck and good fortune.

What is on the Cambodian flag?

The Cambodian flag has three horizontal bands of blue (top), red (double width), and blue with a white three-towered temple representing Angkor Wat outlined in black in the center of the red band. Red and blue are traditional Cambodian colors.

Which attraction is featured on the Cambodian flag?

Angkor Wat
horizontally striped blue-red-blue national flag featuring, in white, the main building of Angkor Wat, an ancient temple complex. The flag’s width-to-length ratio is 2 to 3.

What are 5 interesting facts about Cambodia?

10 things you didn’t know about cambodia
Angkor Wat is the largest religious structure on Earth. .
Cambodia’s flag is the only one in the world with a building on it. .
Cambodia goes by many names. .
There is no McDonald’s in the country. .
Geckos can predict marriage. .
Cambodian weddings go on for three days.

What is the famous in symbol in Cambodia?

The sugar palm, Borassus flabellifer, and Angkor Wat are two symbols of Cambodia; the latter is also portrayed on the flag of Cambodia.

What is a lucky color in Cambodia?

œBy wearing red and having our home decorated in gold and red, our family believes that it will bring luck, wealth and high status to the family. Moreover, the colour red is also associated with force and strength that when we’re surrounded with red, it will bring us more strength both mentally and physically.

Are Cambodian Hindu?

Hinduism is a minority religion in Cambodia which is followed by nearly 1,000 individuals. Even being a small minority in the Buddhist majority nation it highly influences the vast culture and history of Cambodia with being prominent religion under the Khmer Empire.

Are tattoos allowed in Cambodia?

According to prevailing values in Cambodia, tattoos are only acceptable if they are employed for the purposes of belief and protection. These kinds of tattoos are traditionally done in Buddhist Pali or Sanskrit language by monks, clergymen or magicians.


In addition to the magnificence of Angkor and the horror of the Khmer Rouge period, Cambodia has a complex cultural tapestry and a fascinating and long history. Cambodia is also famous for beautiful and sunny beaches, lush natural attractions, delicious food and the charming capital city of Phnom Penh.


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