Cave 1 Ajanta


Cave 4: Cave 4 is the largest vihara and one of the most important caves at Ajanta. The decorated main entrance leads to a hall with twenty eight pillars.

Where is Ajanta caves 1 point?

Ajanta Caves, Buddhist rock-cut cave temples and monasteries, located near Ajanta village, north-central Maharashtra state, western India, that are celebrated for their wall paintings.

Which are 1 to 12 caves in Ellora caves?

12 Must Visit Places in Ellora Caves
Kailasa Temple / Kailasanath Temple / Cave 16.
Cave 14 / Ravana Ka Khai.
Cave 10 / Viswakarma Cave.
Cave 32 / Indra Sabha.
Cave 33 & Cave 34.
Cave 11 / Dho Tal.
Cave 12 / Teen Tal.
Cave 29 / Dumar Lena.

Which is the oldest cave of Ajanta?

The Ajanta Caves are approximately thirty rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments dating from the second century BCE to about 480 CE in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra state in India.
Ajanta Caves.
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Criteria Cultural: i, ii, iii, vi
Reference 242
Inscription 1983 (7th Session)
Area 8,242 ha
5 more rows

How many caves are there in Ajanta 1 point?

The caves at Ajanta are excavated out of a vertical cliff above the left bank of the river Waghora in the hills of Ajanta. They are thirty in number, including the unfinished ones, of which five (caves 9, 10, 19, 26 and 29) are chaityagrihas (sanctuary) and the rest, sangharamas or viharas (monastery).

Which is the first largest cave in India?

Numbers and size of caves

With an explored length of 30,957 metres (101,565 ft), Krem Liat Prah in Jaintia Hills is the longest cave in Meghalaya, as well as India, and is listed among the longest caves in the world.

Which is the first cave in India?

Situated in the Aurangabad district, Ajanta Caves is a collection of 30 rock-cut caves. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, these rock-cut cave temples are more than 2000 years old. All the temples here are dedicated to Lord Buddha, so followers of Buddhism from across the globe visit here to pay their homage.

What is the cave 15 at Ellora called?

the Dashavatara Cave
A Shaivite shrine in the Ellora cave temple complex, the Dashavatara Cave, also known as Cave 15, marks a late phase of cave architecture in Ellora.

Who first built Ajanta caves?

Ajanta Caves

The caves were developed in the period between 200 B.C. to 650 A.D. The Ajanta caves were inscribed by the Buddhist monks, under the patronage of the Vakataka kings Harishena being a prominent one.

Which cave is longest in India?

Liat Prah limestone cave system
Meghalaya’s caves have begun to attract explorers from all over the world. The hills are home to India’s longest general cave – the 31.1km-long Liat Prah limestone cave system.


On 28 April 1819, John Smith, the Madras Presidency officer, accidentally discovered the entrance to Cave No. 10 deep within the tangled undergrowth while hunting a tiger, which led to the discovery of the showpiece Ajanta caves.


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