Charmadi Ghat


Amboli Ghat. This ghat connects Sawantwadi to Kolhapur and Belagavi in Karnataka. Amboli, Sindhudurg is a hill station on this ghat.

Why is Charmadi ghat famous?

Charmadi Ghat is a Ghat in Belthangady and Mudigere taluk of Dakshina Kannada and Chikkamagaluru. It is one of the points in Western ghats and is one of the most scenic and dangerous (to drive) Ghats of Karnataka. The real beauty of Charmadi lies in its small waterfalls which come alive during monsoon.

Which ghat is better Charmadi or shiradi?

The Shiradi Ghat should be your first choice. If it is closed for repairs or if there has been the occasional landslide, you can opt for the Charmadi route.

How is Charmadi ghat road now?

Charmady Ghat road is in good shape.

Which is the best time to visit Charmadi ghat?

summer day
The best time to visit is on a clear, summer day or after the monsoons, when the rains have ensured that the region is lush. When the mountains are not clogged in fog, you can even catch glimpses of the Konkan coastline from your vantage point on Charmadi Ghat.

How many hairpins are there in Charmadi ghat?

12 Hairpin curves
This ghat section has 12 Hairpin curves and receives very heavy rainfall of over 7000 mm during the monsoon.

What is the condition of Charmadi ghat?

Road condition is decent but needs to be careful in the ghat section for ~30 kms.

Why is Shiradi Ghat closed?

There are issues because of excess rainfall and high density of vehicles, he said, adding that terrain in the ghat regions has loose soil. The state government has decided to make the Shiradi Ghat a one-way stretch for vehicles heading from Bengaluru to Mangaluru.

Why it is called Charmadi ghat?

The magic of Charmadi as a ghat starts from Charmadi village and ends at Kottigehara. It is the center point that is a connection to the northeastern part of Dakshina Kannada to Chikmagalur. The highway also connects Dharmasthala, one of the popular pilgrimage sites of Karnataka.

Which is the toughest ghat in Karnataka?

Agumbe Ghat is the Deadliest and more sexiest Ghat I ever seen. This ghat will throw you most dangerous curves and eye feast moments also. This has deepest curves and lot of sunset points.


The restrictions on the movement of light vehicles on Charmadi Ghat in the night hours have been lifted. With this, the light vehicles can ply on the stretch of NH 173 at night. However, the restriction on the movement of heavy vehicles continues on Charmadi Ghat, Chikkamagaluru DC K N Ramesh said.


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