Chennai To Kodaikanal Train


Popular Kodaikanal affordable Packages
Kodaikanal Packages Price (Per person on twin sharing) Nights
5 Nights South Tour by Own Car Rs 8,999 5 Nights
Ooty and Kodaikanal Grandeur Rs 16,600 5 Nights
Memorable South India – Standard Rs 19,800 6 Nights
Scenic Kodaikanal Lake – Falls – Valleys Rs 8,499 2 Nights
1 more row

What are Chennai to Kodaikanal train timings?

From Chennai, 12637 Pandian Exp is the last train you can take to reach Kodaikanal. To travel from Chennai to Kodaikanal, it takes this train 6hr 36min hours. Departing from Chennai MAS at 2:00, it arrives in Kodaikanal KQN at 0:00. 12637 Pandian Exp operates on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun.

What is the distance to travel from Chennai to Kodaikanal by rail?

Situated between Dindigul and Madurai, Kodai railway station is the nearest railway station from Kodaikanal. Coimbatore junction is another major railway station that operates trains for several other major cities in India. You can easily reach this railway station by taking a taxi or auto rickshaw from Kodaikanal.

How can I go to Kodaikanal from Chennai by train?

Kodaikanal doesnt have an airport, so if you want to come here by air, then you will have to fly down to the nearest airport which is in Madurai, which is 120kms away, or Trichy which is 150kms away. Another airport that is often used to get to Kodaikanal is Coimbatore airport which is 175km away.

Is there train for Kodaikanal?

Munnar To Chennai By Train: There are no direct trains from Chennai to Munnar. However, one can take a train from Chennai to Aluva Railway Station, which is about 110 km away from Munnar. Chennai to Munnar train fare is about INR 400 for sleeper class and around INR 1000 for AC sleeper.

How to reach Kodaikanal by air?

To tour the in and around of Kodaikanal, a 2 Day Trip can prove enough to cover almost everything. From peaceful boating in the Kodaikanal lake to propelling a kayak in Berijam Lake and posing against the magnanimous Pillar Rocks; in just a couple of days, you can have a tremendous amount of fun.

How to go to Munnar from Chennai by train?

Kodaikanal 1 day trip can help you explore all the hidden gems of the hill station such as the lush valleys, pristine waterfalls and breathtaking mountain peaks. Also, the greenery all around you will offer you tranquillity and quietude to cherish during your visit.

Is 2 days enough for Kodaikanal?

Kodaikanal Hills is now open for tourists, but one will need a valid e-pass from the respective district administration to visit there.

Can we cover Kodaikanal in 1 day?

Kodaikanal and Ooty, are both famous honeymooners hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Yet, couples who prefer higher altitude and more sightseeing places should visit Ooty. Kodaikanal has fewer attractions and lower than Ooty in Altitude. Which is colder Kodaikanal or Ooty?

Is Kodaikanal open now 2022?

Not only do you have the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of activities such as boating, cycling and trekking, but you can also navigate natures bounty. For instance, Kodai Lake, Green Valley View, Thalaiyar Falls, Bear Shola Falls, Dolphins Nose and Kurinji Temple.


On average, you will need a higher budget for Ooty compared to Kodaikanal. The expenses also depend on whether you are travelling during peak season or off-season. There are many budget hotels as well as resorts in Ooty and Kodaikanal where you can stay.


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