Chennai To Yercaud


30 Kms
Distance Between Salem to Yercaud
Distance between Salem to Yercaud by Road is 30 Kms
Distance between Salem to Yercaud by Flight is 14 Kms
Travel Time from Salem to Yercaud by Road is hrs
Nearest Airport in Salem Chennai International Airport (11.66, 78.15)
1 more row

How long does it take to get from Chennai to Yercaud?

Nearest station for Yercaud is Salem, you can take the train from Chennai to Salem after that you can easily hire the cab. It takes less time to travel by train. Some of the popular and available trains are Trivandrum Mail, Yercaud Express and Coimbatore Express.

Am I allowed to travel from Chennai to Yercaud?

YERCAUD EXPRESS 22649 is a Mail/Express train that runs from MGR CHENNAI CTL to ERODE JN. YERCAUD EXPRESS covers a total distance of 396 kms and takes hours to complete the journey. It starts from MGR CHENNAI CTL station at 2 and reaches ERODE JN station at 0 on the day 2 of the journey.

How can I go to Yercaud from Chennai?

Yercaud in Tamil Nadu is a popular tourist destination and hill station and there are several things to be done here and quite a few places to be visited.

Is there a train to Yercaud from Chennai?

Yelagiri is a close challenger to Yercaud because of its proximity to Chennai and Bengaluru. While both the hill stations have ideal weather during the off-season (monsoon and winter), Yercaud has a more pleasant summer than Yelagiri.

Is Yercaud worth visiting?

It only takes 2 days to explore the main attractions of this place. Well, you can plan for 4 days if you want to spend more time in the lap of nature. What is the budget is sufficient for traveling to Yercaud?

Which is best Yercaud or Yelagiri?

Yercaud is called as Ooty of Poor, however it is nothing less than Ooty. This is beautiful hill station with many stunning view points. It became one of the busiest weekend gateways specially from Bangalore. Drive to Yercaud from Bangalore will be the first thing to enjoy.

Is 2 days enough for Yercaud?

The period from October to June is considered the best time to visit Yercaud. This is because the weather gets quite chilly towards the end of the year and this can be a welcome relief from the heat and pollution of city life.

Is Yercaud better than Ooty?

Yercaud is a quaint hill town in South India which is known for its production of spices, coffee, silk and other textiles. It also has several attractions including the Loop Road, Yercaud Lake and Kiliyur Waterfalls that attracts a number of tourists throughout the year.

Which month is best for Yercaud?

Yercaud Packages From Chennai
Yercaud Packages From Chennai Day/Night Price
A Weekend to Yercaurd from Chennai Package From Chennai 3 Days/2 Nights ‚¹10,653
Short Break to Yercaud from Cochin Package From Chennai 4 Days/3 Nights ‚¹14,947
A Weekend in Yercaud from Cochin Package From Chennai 3 Days/2 Nights ‚¹13,179
2 more rows


Both are good. Munnar has lot of options to roam around: Eravikulam national park. Mattupatti dam, Echo point, Kundala dam lake, etc. Countless falls, if you visit around monsoon season (Jun/July, Oct-Dec).


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