Chikhloli Dam


the Dhom Dam
The smallest dam in Maharashtra is the Dhom Dam, which has a storage capacity of only 2.5 million cubic metres. It was constructed in the early 1970s and is used for irrigation and hydroelectric power generation.

Where is chikhloli dam?

Chickloli Dam, which is located between Badlapur & Ambernath Cities, yup they look like cities now. A village near Ambernath city called Chikhloli is the main entry point to this dam. It supplies water to the whole Ambernath city.

How many dams are there in Badlapur?

Badlapur is typically known to Mumbai people as a week-end picnic spot, as it hosts two major dams and few waterfalls appear during monsoon.

When was Barvi dam built?

Badekar poultry farm,Asnoli / Opened

Is Barvi dam overflowing?

The height of Bavri dam is 72.6 meters and the level of water storage in the dam is up to 72.51 meters. As per the officials, the dam has started overflowing and several gates have been opened to release the water.

Which dam supplies water to kamothe?

Morbe dam
Morbe dam supplies water to the entire NMMC area and parts of Cidco administered nodes like Kharghar and Kamothe.

Which is the biggest dam in Maharashtra?

the Koyna Dam
The largest dam in Maharashtra is the Koyna Dam, located in the Satara district. The dam is built on the Koyna River and supplies water to Mumbai and Pune. The second-largest dam in the state is the Mulshi Dam, located in the Pune district.

Which is the longest dam in Maharashtra?

Jayakwadi is a dam on the Godavari river in Paithan tehsil of Aurangabad district in Maharashtra, India. It is the biggest irrigation project in Maharashtra state. This dam is surrounded by a bird sanctuary.

Which is the largest dam in Maharashtra *?

Koyna Dam
Koyna Dam is the largest of them hence the project is named as ‘Koyna Hydroelectric Project’. The dam generates 1960 MW electricity daily and has a water storage capacity of 105 TMC.

Which is the 2 biggest dam in Karnataka?

These rivers are has number of large dams in the state which include Krishna Raja Sagara Dam, Vani Vilasa Sagara Dam, Tungabhadra dam and Alamati dam.


Madikheda Dam
Location Madikheda, Shivpuri District, Madhya Pradesh
Coordinates 25°33²20³N 77°51²10³E
Construction began 1978
Opening date 2008
10 more rows


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