Chikmagalur The Land Of Hills


Coorg (Madikeri)

It is one of the most well-known hill stations in Karnataka, and a preferred summer retreat in the south. Referred to as the Scotland of India, beyond its natural landscape, it is also known for its coffee.

Where is Chikmagalur the land of hills?

Chikmagalur is situated in the Malenadu region of Karnataka in the Deccan plateau in the foothills of the Western Ghats.

Why is Chikmagalur famous?

Chikmagalur is famous for its serene environment, lush green forests and tall mountains. It is also famous for the coffee and is often referred to as the coffee land of Karnataka. There are enough number of places to be visited here which means there are many things to do.

Is Chikmagalur a hill station?

Chikmagalur is an amazing hill station which is situated in the state of Karnataka. This is the best scenic place which maintains the pleasant weather throughout the year. The Western Ghats starts from this region and also the Yagachi river originates from the surrounding hills.

Which is the land of hills?

Mizoram or the land of hills is also known for its diversity of the landscape.

Why Chikmagalur is called?

The district takes its name from the headquarters town of Chikkamagaluru which literally means younger daughters town Chikka+Magala+Ooru-(in Kannada).

What is the nickname of Chikmagalur?

Coffee Land of Karnataka
Chikmagalur, officially Chikkamagaluru is an administrative district in the Malnad subregion of Karnataka, India. Coffee was first cultivated in India in Chikmagalur.
Chikmagalur district.
Chikmagalur district Chikkamagaluru
Nickname: Coffee Land of Karnataka
Location in Karnataka
Coordinates:13.32°N 75.77°E
Country India
16 more rows

How famous is Chikmagalur?

Chikmagalur is a beautiful district situated on the western part of Karnataka. It is mostly popular for its coffee plantations and a pleasant climate. Another renowned attraction that Chikmagalur is known for is its Bababudan Giri ranges.

What is special food in Chikmagalur?

Just like that, Chikmagalur is also famous for its local delicacies and culinary skills. One of the oldest surviving cuisines in the state known as the Malnad food is the local specialty here. Malnad food or cuisines mainly consist of vegetarian dishes.

Is Chikmagalur better or Coorg?

Both are equally good but Coorg offers better amenities. 3. Re: Coorg vs Chikamagalur :which is better for a newbie ? I would recommend Chikamagalur as there is so much to explore especially for bikers.


Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in Karnataka, India. Mullayyanagiri is located at 13°23²26³N 75°43²18³E in the Chandra Dhrona Hill Ranges of the Western Ghats of Chikkamagaluru Taluk.


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