Corniche Beach Abu Dhabi


A corniche is a road on the side of a cliff or mountain, with the ground rising on one side and falling away on the other. The word has been absorbed into English from the French term route   corniche or “road on a ledge”, originally derived from the Italian cornice, for “ledge”.

Is Corniche Beach Abu Dhabi free?

Entrance is AED 10 for adults and AED 5 for children. Kids under five go free. You’ll pay AED 25 per sun lounger.

Is it allowed to swim in Abu Dhabi Corniche?

In the heart of Abu Dhabi city centre is the immaculate Corniche Beach, a paradise where you can spend your whole day swimming in the ocean, playing volleyball and snorkelling.

What time is the Corniche Beach open?

The beach is pretty much open at all times.

Can you swim in Corniche Beach?

Corniche Coast

The spotless Corniche Beach, a haven where you can spend the entire day swimming in the sea, playing volleyball, and snorkelling, lies right in the middle of Abu Dhabi’s city centre.

Which beach is free in Abu Dhabi?

Entry to Mirfa Beach is free. Directions: To get to Mirfa from Abu Dhabi, it is roughly a 90-minutes journey along the E11 highway. There is a public bus as well that you can use to get closer to the destination.

How much is Yas Waterworld ticket cost?

– Book Now –
Yas Water World – Standard Tickets Adult: USD 76.68 / Child: USD 76.68 Yes
Yas Water World – Standard Tickets with Meal Voucher Adult: USD 82.36 / Child: USD 82.36 No
Yas Island Abu Dhabi – 1 Day – Any 2 Parks Adult: USD 112.18 / Child: USD 112.18 No
1 more row

Is Corniche Beach man made?

Corniche Beach is a very Beautiful Beach made by Men in the capital city of UAE. It is around 5.5 miles starting from Mina Fish market to the Marina Mall.

What time does Corniche Beach close?

People can enjoy swimming in the clean waters here, but this is restricted to within 40 metres of the beach and is only permitted until sunset.

Is Corniche man made?

Corniche Beach is a gorgeous man-made beach in Abu Dhabi. It is 5.5 miles long starting from Mina Fishmarket to the Marina Mall.


City Tour By Sea by National Cruise

You can either get on board at the Corniche stop (beside the Museum of Islamic Art) or at the Pearl (Gate 1). The price is 150 QAR per person for a round trip and includes a welcome drink, water, coffee or tea.


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