Courtallam Falls


List of waterfalls in India by height
Height-wise rank Waterfall Height
1 Kunchikal Falls 455m (1493 feet)
2 Barehipani Falls 399 metres (1,309 ft)
3 Nohkalikai Falls 340 metres (1,120 ft)
4 Nohsngithiang Falls or Mawsmai Falls 315 metres (1,033 ft)
49 more rows

Is Courtallam allowed now?

Akash announced on Friday that the tourists could bathe in the Old Courtallam waterfalls round-the-clock. Even though the visitors were allowed to take bath in the Old Courtallam waterfalls in the night also in the past, it remained closed after bathing was banned for two years in view of COVID-19.

Which month is best for Kutralam?

The best season to visit Courtallam is the winter season. The best months to visit are July, September, October, November, January, February and March. Courtallam experiences monsoons between the months of June to September. These months are characterized by moderate rainfall.

Is water falling in Courtallam?

The falls is located on the Western Ghats on the river Chittar and is considered a “medical spa” on account of the medical smell in the waters. It is located 5 km (3.1 mi) from the nearest city Tenkasi.
Coutrallam Falls
Total height 167 m (548 ft)
Watercourse Chittar
7 more rows

Where is Courtallam waterfalls situated?

Tenkasi District
Courtallam is situated at the Western Ghats in Tenkasi District. The famous waterfalls on rocks and tiny droplets are sprinkled in the air.

Is bathing allowed in Kutralam?

As long as there is no heavy rain and flood, you are allowed to take bath. But you should get moderate water to enjoy your bath.

Can we bath in elephant falls?

It is a nice 3 step falls, each step is amazing view and you cant wet your foot even in first 2 steps, when you reach the bottom, 3rd step, you can wet your foot and you can see beautiful view. all 3 steps cannot be seen at the same time. Do not miss it.

Is Courtallam worth visiting?

It is a prominent tourist destination in South Tamil Nadu near Tirunelveli Town that is blessed with many waterfalls. July to September are the best months to visit Courtallam, as the flow of the waterfalls is moderate enough during this period for tourists to bathe safely.

What is special in Kutralam?

A small town bordering Kollam District, Courtallam is famous for its waterfalls on the Western Ghats. With captivating panoramic vistas, the township is popularly renowned as ‘Spa of South’. It has nine waterfalls in the region that add a charm to its exotic beauty.

How can I go to Courtallam by train?

Rail : Nearest railhead is Tenkasi, 6km from Courtallam. From here one can take a private auto, bus or share van to Courtallam. Tirunelveli junction has many trains coming in from Chennai, and Shengottai is another railhead on the Kollam- Madurai route.


As long as there is no heavy rain and flood, you are allowed to take bath. But you should get moderate water to enjoy your bath.


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