Dalawella Beach


The 22 km long shoreline is famous for camel rides, south sea pearls and water sports. Located a few kilometres from Broome, Cable Beach gives the panoramic view of the sand dunes and acts as a gateway to the ochre red cliffs of Kimberly.

Where is Dalawella Beach?

Dalawella beach is located on the south coast of Sri Lanka in the Unawatuna area and is one of the beautiful Sri Lanka beaches. Though the main beach is pretty nice its also a touristy place because of the two main attractions that attracts many people to this beach.

What is the longest beach in Sri Lanka?

Koggala beach
Overview. Tucked away in the south western corner of the country, Sri Lankas Koggala beach is a serene Paradise for beach lovers, far away from the busy bustle of city life. The unexplored and pristine beach of Koggala, with palm trees dotting the wide stretch of sand, is the longest beach of Sri Lanka.

How to get to Dalawella Beach?

To get to Dalawella Beach from Unawatuna you can grab a tuk tuk which takes less than 10 minutes and should cost around 200 300LKR ($1.13 $1.70 USD). We advise getting dropped off at Dream Cabana hotel as this is where the famous Dalawella palm tree rope swing is and walk around the corner to the lagoon.

What is nice about Nangaramoan Beach?

Nangaramoan Beach is famous for its pristine waters and white powdery sand comparable to the world-renowned Boracay Island. It is located in the town of Santa Ana, which is within the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport that is managed and supervised by CEZA.

What is the most beautiful beach in Sri Lanka?

Our five best beaches in Sri Lanka
Hiriketiya, one of the south coasts best beaches in Sri Lanka. .
Bentota on magnificent Bentota Lagoon. .
Discover beautiful Arugam Bay on the east coast. .
Mirissa Beach is the south coast whale watching legend. .
Peaceful Uppuveli Beach is off the beaten track.

What is the poorest part of Sri Lanka?

Kilinchchi is the top region by share of poor households based on the official poverty line in Sri Lanka.
Share of poor households based on the official poverty line.
Nuwara Eliya
2010 7.1
2013 5.6
2016 4.6
2017 4.6
24 more columns

What is the most beautiful island in Sri Lanka?

List of top 10 islands in Sri Lanka
Delft Island.
Mannar Island.
Pigeon Island.
Nainativu Island.
Velanai Island.
Baththalangunduwa Island.
Pungudutivu Island.
Katchatheevu Island.

Are there palm trees in Sri Lanka?

The palmyra palm tree with its wide fan leaves is a distinctive and common sight across Jaffna, northern Sri Lanka, thriving in the arid conditions.

What is hidden beach known for?

Hidden Beach is known to be a haven for the endangered clownfish, which is made popular by the animated film Finding Nemo. Your tour guides can show you where to spot them. There are around three seaweed havens where you can find these fishes.


Stegna Beach Archangelos Sandy Beach Rhodes. Tucked between mountains, the beach of Stegna with its crystal clear waters is one of the best kept secrets in Rhodes.


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