Dapoli Beach


Yes it is available, but water is not clear as in Tarkarli. And it is under test run. So better to go to tarkari for Scuba diving.

Why is Dapoli famous?

Dapoli is a town in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra which is also a coastal hill station. It lies 215 km (134 mi) south of the state capital of Mumbai. the town is also known as Camp Dapoli, as the British had set their camps here. Many high-ranking British officers’ graves are found in this town.

Is Dapoli worth visiting?

Yes, Dapoli is definitely worth visiting. In addition to lip-smacking Konkani and Maharashtrian food, delicious Kokum juice and lush and verdant greenery, Dapoli is also home to numerous scenic white sandy beaches, dense forests, ancient temples and sightseeing attractions.

What is special in Dapoli?

Dapoli Tourist Places

Sandy or gravelly, the shores of Dapoli are unique and alluring. This includes the golden sand Karde Beach, red pebbled Ladghar Beach and even the black sand Murud Beach. Other than that, the Dapoli tourist places also range from ancient forts and the Harnai Port to the stunning temples.

Which beach is clean in Dapoli?

Cleanest beach in Dapoli – Karde Beach.

What is the best time to visit Dapoli?

Greatly tourists like to travel to Dapoli in October, November, December, January, February and March to enjoy cool weather with very little humidity.

Where can I see dolphins in Dapoli?

Dolphin Spotting At Murud Beach In Dapoli

When you’re at Murud beach, the locals will arrange a boat ride for you early in the morning. Carry your binoculars and cameras and go for your adventure. The boatmen would warn you that you’d have to remain silent in order to spot the mystical creatures.

Why Dapoli is called Mini Mahabaleshwar?

Located in Ratnagiri, Dapoli is a small town separated by the Sahyadri Range and is located a high altitude of 800 feet above sea level. It is often referred to as a ‘Mini-Mahableshwar’ or ‘Konkan’s Mahabaleshwar’ all thanks to its pristine beauty.

How many days required for Dapoli?

What is not so good about Dapoli? Not much to explore. Ideal for a short trip of 1-2 days.

Which is the cleanest beach in Konkan?

The cleanest beach in Konkan – Anjarle Beach
Ratnagiri District.
Anjarle – Places to Visit.
Anjarle Beach.


Tarkarli is famous for its white sand, clear waters and picturesque beauty which is crowned as the best in the whole Konkan region. Also, it is a hub for an exciting experience of water sports and other adventurous activities.


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