Datta Temple


Punjabi Dutt’s belong to the Mohyal Brahmin community.

Where is Lord Dattatreya now?

The Tripura-rahasya refers to the disciple Parasurama finding Dattatreya meditating on Gandhamadana mountain, Near Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. Dattatreya is said to have his lunch daily by taking alms at a holy place Pithapuram, Andhra Pradesh, where he was born as Sripada Sri Vallabha (his first avatar).

How many Datta avatars are there?

16 incarnations
Shodasha Datta Avatara are 16 incarnations of Lord Dattatreya which are believed as the manifestations of Sri Datta before Kaliyuga. As Dattatreya swamy is the eternal wanderer of earth, his divine appearance in front of Maharshis and his beloved devotees are known as his Shodasa avataras.

Which god is Lord Dattatreya?

Lord Dattatreya is the incarnation of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in one single form. The Lord incarnated on this earth in this form to relieve the people from the clutches of ignorance and light their hearts with the light of wisdom and spiritual joy.

How many Datta Mandir are there in India?

Sri Swamiji has consecrated 16 Datta Shrines (Shodasha Datta Kshetras) for Lord Dattatreya in different parts of India.

How did Dattatreya died?

He was always followed by a great multitude of people. Dattatreya tried to get rid of them, but His endeavours were all in vain. Once, when He was surrounded by many people, He entered a river for bathing and He did not come out of it for three days. He entered into Samadhi inside the water.

How powerful is Dattatreya?

The tradition is this: Dattatreya is perhaps the most powerful of conceivable sages, almost identical with God himself. For all practical purposes we may say that he has all the powers of God, viz., creation, preservation and destruction, being an embodiment of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva themselves.

How was Dattatreya born?

Ask for a boon, we will give you. She said, I would like you to come as my son. They blessed her and they entered her womb, together as one entity. When Atri came back, he understood all what happened and he was very happy. And that is the son which we call Dattatreya.

Who is wife of Lord Dattatreya?

As mentioned in Dattatreya Purana, Lord Dattatreya is said to be the combined incarnation of Trideva or Trinity. He is said to be ascetic and Avadhuta (Jivanmukta). However, he had a householder form called Anagha, having Anagha Devi as his consort.

Which God has most avatars?

The Dashavatara (Sanskrit: दà¤à¤¾à¤µà¤¤à¤¾à¤°, da›Ävatāra) are the ten primary avatars of Vishnu, a principal Hindu god.


Significance of Dattatreya Jayanti

You can also see some famous and unique temples in south India. In this pretext, the Purnima of Margashirsha month is known as Dattatreya Jayanti. It is believed that one is blessed with the fulfillment of all desires of his/her life with the worship of Lord Dattatreya.


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