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By Train:
If you are traveling to Dudhsagar by train, pick any of the three options:
The first option is to take a morning train from Madgaon in Goa to Kulem. .
Alternatively, take a train to Castle Rock station and get off in the nearest tunnel to the Dudhsagar waterfalls.

How can I go to Dudhsagar Falls by train?

The nearest Station to the falls is Collem (Kuhlem) (South Central Railway). The route for rail to reach the falls from Goa is Collem Mollem (6 km) Dudhsagar Falls. The another route is from Carambolim (Karmali Railway Station Konkan Railways).

Which train passes by Dudhsagar Falls?

Trains Pass-through Dudhsagar Falls
Amaravati express/Kuchhigudda Vasco (18047/17603) Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat around 1 am in the morning.
Chennai / Vasco (17311) every Saturday Hrs.
Poorna Express (11097) 1 hrs every Sunday.

Which train passes through Dudhsagar Falls from Bangalore?

2. How to reach Dudhsagar Waterfalls from Bangalore (Or any other city in South Karnataka) nearest railway station from Dudhsagar and then start the trek from there. The weekly train, 17311” Vasco Da Gama runs every Friday from Yeshwantpur railway station and takes around 13 hours to reach Kulem.

Does Goa Express stop at Dudhsagar?

The only daily passenger express train that passes through the Dudhsagar Falls on the Braganza Ghat section is the Goa Express.

Is there any entry fee for Dudhsagar falls?

The Dudhsagar Falls entry Fees is around INR 400 from Castle Rock. The best place to catch a ride is the Dudhsagar Falls jeep booking center, or the Dudhsagar jeep taxi stand, from where it is the easiest to book your jeep. The cost of jeep rides to Dudhsagar Falls vary in peak and off-season in Goa.

Is Dudhsagar falls worth visiting?

Its very beautiful scenic but very tiring if you carrying heavy bagpacks. But once you reach at the falls its so mesmerizing that you will forget stress and just start enjoying beauty of the fall.

Is one day enough for Dudhsagar?

Especially for those seeking real adventure, a one day road trip to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls is a must. Dudhsagar Waterfall is at the border of the two states of Goa and Karnataka and is located at a distance of 75 km from Panjim and takes approximately 2.5 hours to reach via a car.

Is Dudhsagar trek difficult?

Difficulty level of Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek

In terms of difficulty, I would rate Dudhsagar waterfall trek somewhere between easy to moderate level trek. The total distance between Kulem and Dudhsagar falls is around 12 kms and takes around

Is Dudhsagar falls open now?

Dudhsagar is open for visitors by the Goa Forest department from October Month. You can plan a trip to Dudhsagar after monsoon season.
Best time to visit Dudhsagar Falls.
Best time to visit Falls Waterfall Timing
November to May am till pm
The entry gate to the sanctuary opens at am and remains open till pm.


The Dudhsagar waterfalls are not directly accessible by road, which means you can not drive your car all the way to the Dudhsagar waterfalls. You will have to drive up to Kulem. From Kulem you can either trek to the Dudhsagar waterfalls or take a jeep safari via the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.


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