Delhi Jim Corbett Distance


Visitors are not allowed to use their own vehicles inside the park. They can move about in registered vehicles inside the park confines after making entries at the respective gates. You cannot get down from the vehicles while enjoying jeep safari.

How is the road from Delhi to Jim Corbett?

Jim Corbett National Park is located at a distance of just 245 km from Delhi and takes close to 5 hours to plan a road trip from Delhi to Jim Corbett via Ghaziabad Hapur Gajraula Moradabad – Kashipur – Ramnagar. The drive is mostly on very well-maintained roads that include NH7 and MDR 65W.

What is the best time to go Jim Corbett?

July to September: These months constitute the monsoon season in Corbett. Nature lovers would love it as this is a great time to explore the lush-green environ in the region. Although Corbett National Park is open for most part of the year, but some parts of the park remains closed from July 1st till 14th November.

How much does Corbett safari cost?

For up to 6 people, the cost of Jim Corbett Safari ranges between INR 4500 to INR 8000 allowing an unforgettable experience for everyone. The best time of the year for safari ranges according to the zones.

How much does a Jim Corbett trip cost?

Best Selling Jim Corbett Packages
Corbett Package Price Nights
Corbett Homestay & Nainital Homestay + Jeep Safari Rs 8,999 2 Nights
Jim Corbett(3*) + Safari + Adventure Activities Rs 6,999 2 Nights
Jim Corbett Budget Package Rs 3,999 1 Night
Uttarakhand Paradise Rs 22,499 3 Nights
2 more rows

Are 2 days enough for Jim Corbett?

How many days are enough for Jim Corbett? You might need roughly about

In which month Jim Corbett is open?

So, the visit to Jim Corbett National Park is truly memorable and unforgettable. It remains open from the mid of November to the mid of June months. However, there is a Jhirna zone in the park that remains open for whole year long.

Which day Jim Corbett is closed?

Due to onset of rainy season, core area of corbett national park gets closed down anytime between June 1st till 15th June.
April-2022 to June-2022:
Durgadevi Zone 15 November-2021 to 15 June-2022
6 more rows

Is there snowfall in Jim Corbett?

Jim Corbett National Park

Yes, it shows a distinct view during the summers and a great snow covered grassland during winters. So basically, visiting here during the winters lets you enjoy wildlife as well as the snowfall!

Is phone allowed in Jim Corbett?

Visitors are allowed to take their mobiles / cell phones on park excursions but do not play any kind of music or sound inside Jim Corbett National Park.


Jim Corbett National Park is among the few national parks of India which permits night stay inside the core zone of the park. Tourists can ask for night accommodation permit between mid-November to the end of June every year.


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