Distance Between Secunderabad To Ramoji Film City


So, to sum up

All in all, Ramoji Film City makes for a decent one-time family outing, and it could be more interesting for those living in non-metro cities, or the ones having less exposure to amusement parks.

How much taxi fare from secunderabad to Ramoji Film City?

Secunderabad to Ramoji Film City taxi fare is approx. ‚¹1400 for a good sedan car like Etios, Dzire and is approx. ‚¹2100 for SUV car.

Is one day enough for Ramoji Film City?

for Ramoji 1 day is ideally enough if you are taking guided tour. if you stay there at Ramoji hotels then you might be able to visit places which they don’t show you in the guided tour. Ramoji is amalgamation of amusement park, little bit of zoo and basic studio activities. I won’t recommend more than a day for Ramoji.

How far is Ramoji Film City from Secunderabad Railway?

The distance between Secunderabad Junction Station and Ramoji Film City is 28 km. The road distance is 39.3 km.

Is Ola available in Ramoji Film City?

Tourist can also hire ola cab, meru cab, savaari taxi service to travel in and around Ramoji Film City.

What is the price of Ramoji Film City entrance ticket?

The entry fee of Ramoji Day Tour Package is Rs. 1350 + Taxes per adult and Rs. 1150 + Taxes per child (from 33 Ht to 54″” Ht height).

Which day is Ramoji Film City closed?

The park timing is am – pm and is open for all days. For Ramoji Star Experience – VIP Package, the entry timing is between am – 1 am

Which day is best to visit Ramoji Film City?

The best time to visit Ramoji Film City is during winter as Hyderabad gets very hot during summers. You should visit Ramoji Film City from October to February, when the weather is cool and at its best.

Which is the nearest metro to Ramoji Film City?

LB Nagar Metro Station
By Metro:- The nearest metro station to Ramoji Film City is LB Nagar Metro Station which is located at a distance of 12 km.

Can we stay inside Ramoji Film City?

Yes you can stay inside ramoji film city. You can book hotel online, hotel sitara luxury,hotel taraa and guest house is also there , you can make your selection.


Outside food products are not allowed inside the Ramoji Film City. We have plenty of restaurants that caters breakfast, lunch, beverages, snacks etc. in and around the park that is quite reachable at all major attractions.


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