Dodda Ganapathi Temple


No Bedroom

It is advised to not place idols in bedrooms. Incase, you would want to,then keep it in the northeast direction. Also, as per vastu,feet should not face the idol.

When is Dodda Ganapathi Temple open?

Administrative officers at the temple say that the Ganesha shrine was built by the chieftain who established Bengaluru in 1537. On the other hand, historians that while the deity in stone might have existed during the Kempe Gowda period, the temple structure itself could date back to 19th century.

Do you need to book in advance to visit Dodda Ganapathi Temple?

Karpaka Vinayaka Temple or Pillaiyarpatti Pillaiyar Temple is a 7th-century CE rock-cut cave shrine, significantly expanded over the later centuries. It is located in Pillayarpatti village in Tiruppathur Taluk, Sivaganga district in Tamil Nadu, India.

Who built Dodda Ganesha Temple?

Sasivekalu & KadaleKalu Ganesha Temple, Hampi, Karnataka

Sasivekalu & Kadekalu Temple is located in the Hemakuta hills of Karnataka. This famous Lord Ganesha temple was built in 1500AD. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for having the tallest magnificent statue of Lord Ganesha in Hampi.

Which is the oldest Ganesh temple in India?

Dodda Ganesh, a right-arm medium-fast bowler, was the most successful bowler for his domestic team, Karnataka, which boasted of other national players like Srinath, Prasad, Kumble and Joshi, in the , he captured a wicket and conceded 20 runs in five overs.

Which temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha?

The Shree Vinayaka Devaru (ಇಡಗುಂಜಿ ಗಣಪತಿ) is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Ganesha, It is one of the tourist destination near Sirsi, it is located on the West Coast of India in the Idagunji town in Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka.

Who was dodda?

Hyderabad. This city has more than 75,000 Ganesh Pandals. The festivities begin on Vinayaka Chaturthi and end on Anantha Chaturdashi. Among the top places, Khairatabad, Kamalanagar Balapur, Chaitanyapuri, Durgam Cheruvu, New Nagole, and Old City (Gowlipura) are known for the grandeur of the festival.

Which is the biggest Ganpati in Karnataka?

The Lalbaugcha Raja, the King of Lalbaug, is undoubtedly the most famous Ganesh statue in Mumbai and the most visited one. The mandal (organizing group) was formed in 1934, and the Kambli family of Kambli Arts has been making the idol since 1935. Its legendary design is now patent-protected.

Which city is famous for Ganpati?

The earliest Ganesha icons in stone were carved in Mathura during Kushan times (2nd3rd centuries CE). Ganesha appeared in his classic form as a clearly-recognizable deity with well-defined iconographic attributes in the early 4th to 5th centuries CE.

Who is the world famous Ganpati?

Lord Ganesha is also related to Mercury the planet for intelligence, brilliance and business. The planet that gives financial prosperity is Jupiter, which is also closely related to Lord Ganesha.


Shree Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

This majestic temple is counted among India’s most popular Ganapati temples, visited by a large number of tourists every day, especially during Ganesh Chaturthi.


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