This temple was constructed by the eastern Chalukya king, Bhima between 892 and 902 A.D. Hence the lord is called Bheemeswara. This temple with a spacious lawn on the front is now looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India.

What is Draksharamam famous for?

The literal translation of Draksharamam is ‘Abode of Daksha Prajapathi’, the father of Sati and the father in law of Lord Shiva. Sati was the wife of Lord Shiva. The Draksharama Temple is one the Five Powerful Temples of Lord Shiva which are known as œPancharamas in Andhra Pradesh.

Which God is Draksharamam?

Lord Siva
It is colloquially known as Draksharama carrying the implied meaning as œDraksharama meaning the Abode of Daksha Prajapathi the Father-in-law of Lord Siva and the beloved Father of ‘Sati’ the spiritual spouse of Lord Siva.

When was Draksharamam built?

Inscriptions in the temple reveal that it was built between the 9th and 10th centuries CE by the Eastern Chalukyan king, Bhima.

What are the Pancharama Kshetras?

The Pancharama Kshetras (or the Pancharamas) are five ancient Hindu temples of Shiva in Andhra Pradesh. The Sivalingas at these temples are made from a single Sivalinga.

Where are the 18 Shakti Peethas located?

18 Shakti Peethas
Part of the Body Fallen Place Name Of Shakti
Hair Mysore (Karnataka) Chamundeshwari Devi
Upper Teeth Alampur (Telengana) Jogulamba Devi
Neck Srisailam (Andhra Pradesh) Bhramaramba Devi
Left eye Kolhapur (Maharastra) Mahalakshmi Devi
14 more rows

Why do people go to Kalahasthi?

Srikalahasti is a temple town popular among devotees who visit the temple. The Srikalahasti Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is a God with immense religious significance for Hindus. It was constructed in the year 1516 by Krishnadevraya the king of the Vijayanagara empire.

Who is Lord Sharabeshwara?

The Shaiva scriptures narrate that god Shiva assumed the form of Sharabha to pacify Narasimha – the fierce man-lion avatar of Vishnu worshipped by the Vaishnava sect. This form is popularly known as Sharabeshwara (Lord Sharabha) or Sharabeshwaramurti.

Who is Lord Shiba?

Shiva, (Sanskrit: œAuspicious One) also spelled Śiwa or Śiva, one of the main deities of Hinduism, whom Shaivites worship as the supreme god. Among his common epithets are Shambhu (œBenign), Shankara (œBeneficent), Mahesha (œGreat Lord), and Mahadeva (œGreat God).

Who is Deva god?

In Hinduism, Devas are celestial beings associated with various aspects of the cosmos. Devas such as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, form the Hindu trinity known as the Trimurthi and preside over the functioning of the cosmos and the evolution of creation.


the King Chalukya Bhima
The temple was built in Dravidian style, by the King Chalukya Bhima. Hence, the god name is Bhimeswara (between 892-922CE).


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