Subarnarekha is a rain-fed river that originates near Nagri village on the Chhotanagpur plateau of Jharkhand. It has the smallest river basin of the major rivers among India.

Why is Duduma waterfall famous?

Duduma Falls is one of the tallest ‘plunge’ type waterfalls in India and holds the third rank in Odisha in terms of the height of the water column.

Is Duduma waterfall largest waterfall of Odisha?

The following is a list of highest waterfalls in Odisha.
Waterfall Duduma Falls
Height 157 metres (515 ft)
Location Border of Koraput & Visakhapatnam districts of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states
Remarks plunge type waterfalls
Single drop Yes
8 more columns

Which is the largest waterfall in Odisha?

The Berehipani Falls stands proudly at an amazing height of 1,309 feet in Similipal National park of Mayurbhanj District ,Odisha. The 2nd highest waterfall in India, Berehipani is nestled amid the dense forest , which adds to its wilderness and striking beauty.

In which state is Duduma waterfall?

Government Of Odisha
MACHHKUND (Duduma) | Koraput District, Government Of Odisha | India.

What is the number 1 waterfall in the world?

Angel Falls, Venezuela

The highest waterfall in the world, dropping 979 metres from a table-top mountain in Venezuela, is the awe-inspiring Angel Falls.

What is the 3 biggest waterfall in the world?

3. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe & Zambia. Our list of the world’s tallest waterfalls continues with Victoria Falls, a natural space shared between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Which is the 2 highest waterfall in India?

Barehipani Falls
List of waterfalls in India by height
Height-wise rank Waterfall Height
1 Kunchikal Falls 455m (1493 feet)
2 Barehipani Falls 399 metres (1,309 ft)
3 Nohkalikai Falls 340 metres (1,120 ft)
4 Nohsngithiang Falls or Mawsmai Falls 315 metres (1,033 ft)
49 more rows

What is the 2nd tallest waterfall in the world?

Las Tres Hermanas waterfall, the second highest in the world. Photo credit: Atlas Geo Mundo. The Tres Hermanas waterfall, almost a kilometer high, is only surpassed in height by the Salto del Tugela, 948 meters (the difference is little), located in Kwazulu Natal (South Africa), on the African continent.

Which is India’s tallest waterfall?

Kunchikal Falls
Which is the highest waterfall in India? Kunchikal Falls in Shimoga District Karnataka is the highest waterfall in India with a height of 1493 feet.


Baitarani River


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