Dwaraka Tirumala


Normally, ghat roads are open between AM and 00.00 Hours (21 Hours). However on special occasions, the vehicles are allowed to ply on ghat roads round the clock.

Why Dwaraka Tirumala is famous for?

Dwaraka Tirumala is a famous temple from the ancient times. According to some Puranas, the temple is popular even in Satya Yuga and is still attracting the devotees. According to Brahma Purana, Aja Maharaja, the Grand father of Lord Sri Rama also worshiped Lord Venkateswara for his marriage.

Which district is Dwaraka Tirumala?

Eluru district
Dwaraka Tirumala mandal is one of the 28 mandals in Eluru district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is under the administration of Eluru revenue division and the headquarters are located at Dwaraka Tirumala.

How many steps are there in Dwaraka Tirumala?

40 steps
There are around 40 steps to climb to reach the main entrance from bus stop. Car parking is available away from busy bus stand area in a circular path close to the temple. Like any other temple there is a queue system for Darshan. Quick Darshan or special Darshan ticket is Rs 50/-.

How much time it will take for darshan in Dwaraka Tirumala?

1-2 hrs
Brahmotsavam (around May) and Vaikunta Ekadasi (Dec/Jan) are celebrated grandly in the temple. The Tiru kalyanotsavam is celebrated twice a year. Timings: 6 am – 1 pm and 3 pm – 9 pm. Darshan usually takes 1-2 hrs.

Why did Krishna live in Dwarka?

It is mentioned in the ancient prehistoric epic period of the Mahabharata. According to legend, Krishna settled here after he defeated and killed his uncle Kansa at Mathura. This mythological account of Krishna’s migration to Dwarka from Mathura is closely associated with the culture of Gujarat.

Which God lives in Dwarka?

The Dwarkadhish temple, also known as the Jagat Mandir and occasionally spelled Dwarakadheesh, is a Hindu temple dedicated to Krishna, who is worshiped here by the name Dwarkadhish, or ‘King of Dwarka’.

Which temple is equal to Tirupati?

– Uppiliappan Temple.

Which railway station is near to Dwaraka Tirumala?

nearest railway station is bhimadole from bhimadole junction to temple is 15km. from tadepalligudem to this temple is around 45km.

Where does Dwarka lie?

Dwarka ( pronunciation (help·info)) is a city and a municipality of Devbhumi Dwarka district in the state of Gujarat in Western India. It is located on the western shore of the Okhamandal Peninsula on the right bank of the Gomti river at the mouth of the Gulf of Kutch facing the Arabian Sea.


The legends surrounding Dwarka, the land of Lord Krishna, have filled generations with wonder and awe. The ancient city of Dwarka now lies many fathoms below the sea which you can visit through an underwater scuba trip indeed, a unique history lesson awaits you!


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