Elephant Waterfall


Shillong has pleasant climate through the year and can be visited at any time. Heres a seasonal break-up through the months so you can plan your trip better: March to June: March and April see the advent of summers but the weather is still quite pleasant.

Where is Elephanta waterfall situated?

Shillong, Meghalaya
The Elephant Falls are a two-tier waterfall in Shillong, Meghalaya, India.

Why it is called Elephant Falls?

A popular tourist attraction near Shillong, Elephant falls is a combination of 3 rivers. One of the British officers named it as Elephant falls after they saw a rock which resembled as an elephant. This rock was later destroyed due to earthquake.

Is Elephant Falls open now?

Elephant Waterfalls can be visited all year round.

Why is Elephant Falls famous?

The name Elephant Falls was given by British officers who discovered its existence in the heart of the mountainous jungles of Meghalaya. There was a curious rock on one side of the falls which eerily resembled an elephant and hence the nomenclature.

Is Elephanta Caves open in 2022?

Elephanta Caves in Mumbai is open throughout the year, except on Mondays. It takes an hour for an Elephanta Caves ferry to reach the island from Mumbai.

How many steps are there in Elephanta?

To reach the main cave, a visitor or pilgrim has to walk up 120 steep steps from the beach or take the tourist toy train. At the main entrance are four pillars, with three open porticoes and an aisle at the back.

Can we bath in Elephant Falls?

It is a nice 3 step falls, each step is amazing view and you cant wet your foot even in first 2 steps, when you reach the bottom, 3rd step, you can wet your foot and you can see beautiful view. all 3 steps cannot be seen at the same time. Do not miss it.

What happens when Elephant Falls in water?

If an element falls into water it will come out wet.

They move all their four legs to swim. They can swim very fast. Their body has a huge mass and it provides them good flotation during swimming. If we take this question as a puzzle then its answer would be “wet”

Which is the first largest falls in India?

Which is the highest waterfall in India? Kunchikal Falls in Shimoga District Karnataka is the highest waterfall in India with a height of 1493 feet.


54 Kms
Distance Between Shillong to Cherrapunji
Distance between Shillong to Cherrapunji by Road is 54 Kms
Distance between Shillong to Cherrapunji by Flight is 38 Kms
Travel Time from Shillong to Cherrapunji by Road is hrs
Nearest Airport in Shillong Umroi Airport (25.58, 91.89)
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