Ella Tour Packages


Types of Tourism.
Adventure tourism. As a kind of tourism in India, adventure tourism has recently grown in India.
Beach Tourism. India’s vast coastline and islands provides ample opportunities for fun packed tourism.
Cultural tourism.
Eco tourism.
Medical tourism.
Wildlife tourism.

What should be included in a tour package?

Package tours are generally classified on the basis of their operation and types of services included. These are basically classified into independent tour, escorted tour, incentive tour, hosted tour and freedom tour.

How do you explain a tour package?

Components of a standard packaged tour
Activities offered.
A base number of guests for the tour to go ahead.
Whether additional equipment or rentals are included.
Whether transportation is included.
Duration of the booking.
Whether it’s self-guided or lead by a tour guide.

What is special tour package?

When we say tour package, it means a pre-arrangement, prepaid trip that combines two or more travel components like airfare, airport transfer, accommodation, and other services.

What is tour cost?

Special Interest Tour Packages

These are tours that are different from the usual touristy stuff & focus on a particular activity for which a particular region or place is famous.

What are benefits of tour packages?

Tour Cost means the price/cost of the tour mentioned in the booking form / brochures / online and other payments such as taxes, surcharges etc. payable by the client to the Company.

What are the five 5 basic tour components?

The biggest advantage of package tours is the cost. Since the cost of all transfers, entrance fee to various sights, accommodation and meals are included, the price of the tour is most definitely been set at a reasonable range, aside from your choice of airlines and hotel grades.

What are 5 components of a tour cost?

The five vital components of tourism system are Attraction, Accessibility, Accommodation, Amenities and Activities.

What are the features of tour?

The cost includes salary and incentives, insurance, financial or legal expenses and recruitment and selection cost.

How do you write a tour detail?

12 Magical Features of a Tour
A Glimpse of Beauty. Something your tour members will remember as beautiful a spectacular sunset, a colorful garden, a striking architectural structure.
A Change of Pace.
An Appreciation of the Past.
A Sense of Fun.
Something Sensual.
A Food Experience.
Your Personal Kindness.


How do you write a tour description that’s better?
Speak to your audience. A tour description is not the place to boast that’s for writing an About Us page.
Start with a hook.
Show, don’t tell.
Tell a story.
Break up the details.
Remember keywords.


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