Festivals In March In India


World Water Day
World Water Day, held on 22 March every year since 1993, focuses on the importance of freshwater. World Water Day celebrates water and raises awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water.

Which festival comes in March month?

Ugadi – a celebration of the oncoming New Year, falls in the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar, that loosely corresponds to the months of March-April according to the Gregorian calendar.

How many festivals are there in March?

Date Event
March 15, 2022, Tuesday Meena Sankranti, Pradosh Vrat
March 17, 2022, Thursday Chhoti Holi, Holika Dahan, Anvadhan
March 18, 2022, Friday Vasanta Purnima, Holi, Phalguna Purnima, Ishti
March 20, 2022, Sunday Bhai Dooj, Bhratri Dwitiya
12 more rows

Is there any festival in March 2022?

Mewar Holika Dahan

The following day, the festival of colours is celebrated. The Udaipur royal family graces the audience with their presence at this event.

What festival on 19 march 2022 in India?

Holi (18th March-19th March 2022) – This festival is better known as the ‘festival of colours, which is celebrated by the people of the entire country.

What Hindu holiday is in March?

Holi is a Hindu festival, widely popular all over India and in Indian communities around the world. Known as the festival of color and celebrated over two days in March (starting March 18, 2022), the festival is based on Hindu mythology.

What all days are celebrated in March?

Important Days in March – Details
Zero Discrimination Day (1st March)
World Civil Defence Day (1st March)
World Wildlife Day (3rd March)
International Women’s Day (8th March)
CISF Raising Day (10th March)
Mauritius Day (12th March)
Pi Day (14th March 2022)
Ramakrishna Jayanti (15th March)

What is celebrated on 9 March?

No Smoking Day
9 March – No Smoking Day (Second Wednesday of March)

No Smoking Day is observed every year on the second Wednesday of March to raise awareness about the harmful health effects of tobacco via smoking and to encourage people all over the world to quit smoking. This year, it falls on 9 March.

What is the month of March famous for?

œMarch is named for the Roman god of war, Mars. However, we think of it as the beginning of spring, as March brings the vernal equinox, the Full Worm Moon and the return of Daylight Saving Time!

What is special day in March 2022?

International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March 2022 every year to observe the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. It also focuses on the rights of women and fights against discrimination based on gender.


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