Flower Valley In Satara


Kaas Plateau has more than 150 or more types of flowers, shrubs and grasses. The orchids bloom here for a period of 34 weeks during this season. Kaas plateau is a World Natural Heritage site, part of the Sahyadri Sub-cluster.

What is the best time to visit Kaas Pathar?

The best time to visit the Kaas Pathar/Plateau is from late August to early October. This plateau is open for visitors from A.M. till P.M. Online booking is mandatory to visit this plateau.

Is Kaas Plateau worth visiting?

Kaas has been awarded a UNESCO World Heritage Site tag for its stunning biodiversity. From pretty orchids to the wild and carnivorous Drosera Indica, there are more than 850 species of plants that bloom only in September, or if you’re lucky, till early October. September is the best time to visit Kaas plateau.

How do I plan a Kaas Pathar trip?

Day One
0 am – Reach Satara and breakfast.
0 am – Reach Kaas Plateau.
0 am – Walk to Kumudini Lake for Kumudini Flower.
1 am – Head back to Hotel.
1 am – Lunch Time.
1 pm – Move towards Thoseghar Waterfall.
0 pm – Reach at Thoseghar Waterfall.
0 pm – Departure for Mumbai.

How to go to Kaas Plateau from Pune?

The distance between Pune and Kaas Plateau is 136 km and it can be reached in 2.5 to 3.5 hours. There are 3 routes that one can take to reach Kaas from Pune. The shortest route involves traveling through NH4. You have to take Lal Bahadur Shastri Road and Narveer Tanaji Malusare Road/Sinhagad Road to NH4 in Kudale Baug.

Is online booking mandatory for Kaas plateau?

Online booking is compulsory.

How to reach Kaas Pathar from Satara?

Getting around the Satara City

To reach Kaas plateau, you can get a bus from Satara bus stand. Ask for a bus going towards Bamnauli or Tetli; which leaves beginning from 6 AM. It will drop you at the Kaas Plateau at around AM. There is one ST transport each hour.

Which month is best to visit Valley of Flowers?

Though the Valley is beautiful in May, June and September. But for maximum number of flowers in July and August are most preferred months. Tourists should inquire about the weather and road conditions especially during the monsoons, before planning their trip to Valley of Flowers.

What do you wear to a Kaas plateau?

Carry water bottles and few eatables along as there are no shops near the plateau. Carry a jacket preferably water resistant. It is quite windy and there are high chances of drizzling and rains. If you are carrying a camera make sure you have water proof cover for it just in case it rains.

Why is Satara famous?

Satara is famous for the Kaas Plateau, Thoseghar, and a lot of natural sites present in the vicinity of the city. Kass Plateau has been awarded as a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site (WHS). In the monsoon months, the Kaas Pathar, as it is locally known, transforms into a wildflower wonderland.


The best season to visit kaas is during the monsoon July August Sept. The plateau looks beautiful during the season with lovely colours of smithea and other flowers.


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