Fort St George Museum


Parking. The part tarmac, part gravel car park has four accessible bays.

What is special about the Fort St George museum?

Named as Fort Museum, it boasts a varied collection of antiquities that are well-presented in different galleries. For example, you can visit the Portrait Gallery to see portraits and oil paintings of the Madras Governors such as Queen Victoria, King George III, Sir Arthur Havelock, and Robert Clive.

What is Fort St George famous for?

Built by the British East India Company in 1640, Fort St. George was the first fortress in India founded in the year 1644. It houses the famous St Mary’s Church (an ancient Anglican Church), a museum (contains antics and artefacts from British Rule) and Wellesley House (paintings of the Fort Governer.)

Can we visit Fort St George?

Since Fort St. George is a year-round attraction, it can be visited by tourists at any time.

What is the special in Chennai museum?

It is particularly rich in archaeological and numismatic collections. It has the largest collection of Roman antiquities outside Europe. Among them, the colossal Museum Theatre is one of the most impressive. The National Art Gallery is also present in the museum premises.

Can you walk around Fort George for free?

Fort George is still a working army barracks, so some areas are not open to the public, but you are free to walk around a very large area.

What is Fort George used for now?

The current fortress has never been attacked and has remained in continuous use as a garrison. The fortification is based on a star design; it remains virtually unaltered and nowadays is open to visitors with exhibits and facsimiles showing the fort’s use at different periods, while still serving as an army barracks.

What celebrities have homes on St George Island?

The island is (vacation) home to celebrities including Walter T.S. Widener, Jimmy Buffett, and Hank Williams Jr. and is known to be frequented by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Kid Rock, and adult film stars Jason DeWeese and Buddy Morrison.

Why is the St. George area called Dixie?

In 1851 Brigham Young sent Mormon Settlers to the St George area. Many of these settlers were from the deep south (southeastern United States). Since the St. George area was warm like the deep south, they started calling it Utah’s “Dixie”.

Does St. George have snakes?

ST. GEORGE ” With temperatures rising, peak snake season is upon Southern Utah, leading to a higher risk of snake encounters. Which snake species are dangerous and how can a person tell the difference? Utah has five species of rattlesnakes, with the Great Basin rattlesnake being the most common.


The city of St. George, located in southwestern Utah, is a lovely historic city with roots in the days of the American pioneers. It is surrounded by many gorgeous bits of nature, including Snow Canyon State Park and the famously beautiful Zion National Park.


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