From Bangalore To Mangalore


Covid Special Trains from Bangalore to Mangalore
Train name and number Train type
06585 – SBC KAWR EXP Runs onMTWTFSS Special Train
06211 – YPR KAWR SPL Runs onMTWTFSS Special Train
06539 – YPR MAJN EXP SPL Runs onMTWTFSS Special Train
06575 – YPR MAJN SPL Runs onMTWTFSS Special Train
2 more rows

How can I go to Mangalore from Bangalore?

The fastest way to reach from Bangalore to Mangalore is flight to Mangaluru Airport and takes 1h 0m. The recommended way to reach from Bangalore to Mangalore is flight to Mangaluru Airport and takes 1h 0m. Flights from Spicejet, AirAsia, Jet Airways etc. Buses from Bharathi Tourist, Sri Durga Tourist, SRS Travels etc.

Is there any day train from Bangalore to Mangalore?

There are 8 weekly trains and 0 daily trains that run from Bangalore to Mangalore , covering the shortest distance of about 1741 km by YPR KAWR EXPRES(16515). Note: The number of daily trains indicates particular trains that run everyday from Bangalore to Mangalore.

Which route is better from Bangalore to Mangalore?

The Bangalore to Mangalore route via NH75 is the shortest, fastest and only route recommended by Google maps. The road condition is excellent but it has tolls. This route avoids congestion on Sankey Road.

How to go Mangalore from Bangalore by train?

Bangalore To Mangalore Trains
KANNUR EXP#16511. Departs on:SMTWTFS.
KARWAR EXP#16513. Departs on:SMTWTFS.
SMVB MAQ EXP#16585. Departs on:SMTWTFS.
KANNUR EXP#16517. Departs on:SMTWTFS.
KARWAR EXP#16523. Departs on:SMTWTFS.
YPR MAQ EXP#16565.

Do we require RT PCR test for Mangalore?

Passengers must complete a COVID-19 Rapid PCR test at the departure airport before the departure of their flight. The Rapid PCR test can be conducted within 6 hours prior to departure. (Rapid antigen test will not be accepted).

What is the taxi fare from Bangalore to Mangalore?

Bangalore to Mangalore Cab Fare

For a one-way trip, the Bangalore to Mangalore taxi fare starts from INR 7939.

What is the cost of Vistadome coach?

Question: What is the cost of vistadome coach? Answer: The tickets for a seat in the Vistadome coach on the Bangalore-Mangalore route are priced at INR 1,525.

Is food free in Vistadome train?

Vistadome does not serve food to its passengers but between every stop vendors board the train to sell local delicacies which honestly further elevated the authenticity of my experience.

Is Vistadome coach AC?

One Vistadome coach, 11 AC chair car, one AC Executive Chair Car and Two Luggage, generator cum brake vans. Bookings for Vista Dome Coach : Bookings for the Tejas Express leaving CSMT/Madgaon w.e.f. 1.11. 2022 will open from 17.9.


Mangalore is an important port city of Karnataka, which is best known for sun-kissed beaches, age-old temples, lush green gardens and lush public parks. For those who wish to spend a relaxing and peaceful vacation, Mangalore makes a perfect choice.


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