Kariba dam is the biggest dam in the world by reservoir capacity, Image courtesy of Sokwanele Zimbabwe. Bratsk Dam in Siberia has a water storage capacity of 169.27 billion cubic metres, Image courtesy of Michael Fludkov. Akosombo dam, which creates the Lake Volta, has 144 billion cubic metres of storage capacity.

Who built Gajanur Dam?

Mysore Construction Company (MCC)
Gajanur Dam was built in 1972 by Mysore Construction Company (MCC). Since Gajanur is surrounded by Western Ghat it is vulnerable to heavy rain fall during monsoon. Approximately 247,000 cubic meter of concrete is laid down for the construction of dam.

Which river flows in Gajanur Dam?

Tunga River
Gajanur Dam

It is built across Tunga River, to serve drinking and irrigation purpose of Shivamogga city and other taluks of the district. The length of dam is 532.35 metres, and full reservoir level of 583.04 metres.

Which district is Gajanur?

Gajanur (pronounced: Gaajanoor) is a village in Thalavadi taluk, Erode district of Tamil Nadu, India.
Gajanur, Tamil Nadu – Wikipedia
¦ Census 2011 information the location code or village code of Gajanuru village is 608477. Gajanuru village is located in Shimoga taluka of Shimoga district ¦
Gajanuru Village in Shimoga, Karnataka |

Which is the No 1 dam in Karnataka?

List with specifications
Dam/Reservoir River Height of Dam (m)
Bhadra Dam Bhadra 59.14
Tungabhadra Dam Tungabhadra 49.39
Hemavathi Reservoir Hemavathi 58.50
Kabini Reservoir Kabini 59.44
17 more rows

Which is the 1st dam in Karnataka?

Vani Vilasa Sagara is the oldest dam in the state. The dam is an exquisite piece of architecture, an engineering marvel for that time. The dam irrigates a large area of the Deccan region of Central Karnataka, which is otherwise largely a dry land.

Which dam is biggest in Karnataka?

Tungabhadra Dam
Tungabhadra Dam is the largest dam in Karnataka and is situated 5 km away from Hospet town.

Which is the purest river in Karnataka?

Kali River (Karnataka)
Kali River
District Uttara Kannada
Physical characteristics
Source Diggi village, Karnataka
location Joida taluk
14 more rows

Which is the smallest dam in Karnataka?

The Malaprabha dam
The Malaprabha dam is the shortest dam in Karnataka. It was built across the Malaprabha river in Belgaum. It is a tributary of the famous Krishna river. It is located in small town called Saundatti in Belagavi.

Which is the poorest taluk in Karnataka?

Country India
State Karnataka
District Raichur
Headquarters Sindhanur City
21 more rows


Kollegala is one of the major tataluks in the Chamrajnagar District of Karnataka State in the south of India. It is also the largest taluk in Karnataka, Kollegala is well known for its silk industry which attracts traders from all over the state.


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