Galle Face Green


Kerry Properties
Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts / Owner

Kerry Properties Limited is a listed company engaged in property development in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Asia Pacific region; infrastructure projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China; and hotel ownership and operations in Mainland China. Wikipedia

Why is Galle Face called Galle Face?

One version of how the name Galle Face is derived, is that it is from the original Dutch name for the fortifications, in that the gateway which gave access to the Colombo Fort was called the Gal Gate, as it faced southwards to Galle and faas means front, so it literally means in front of the fortification that faced

Who owns Galle Face Green?

One Galle Face
Owner Shangri-La (90%)
Top floor 51
Technical details
18 more rows

Can we go to Galle Face?

Galle Face Green in Colombo offers a number of activities to do, making it the perfect spot for a visit with family and friends. Since the place has been opened for the public, a number of local street food vendors visit the spot to serve the visitors with a collection of authentic regional delicacies.

Who made one Galle Face?

the Shangri-La Group’s
One Galle Face is the Shangri-La Group’s largest venture to date in South Asia and bears testament to Shangri-La Group’s confidence in Sri Lanka’s potential.

Who is the owner of Galle Face Hotel?

Sanjeev Gardiner
Sanjeev Gardiner became the Chairman of the Galle Face Hotel and continues to hold this title, extending the family association for over 100 year.

Who was Galle?

According to James Emerson Tennent, Galle was the ancient seaport of Tarshish, from which King Solomon drew ivory, peacocks and other valuables. Cinnamon was exported from Sri Lanka as early as 1400 BC, and as the root of the word itself is Hebrew, Galle may have been a main entrep´t for the spice.

What is the best face wash in Sri Lanka?

Cetaphil (1)
Dr. Rashel (3)
Jovees (1)
Loreal (2)
Neutrogena (5)
Nivea (1)
Palmers (1)
Prevense (1)

What is the Speciality of the galle face?

A very interesting fact about Galle Face Green is that it was the first place where the Governor of British Ceylon, Sir Henry Ward was introduced to the golf sport and that is how Galle Face became the place where the Colombo Golf Club was inaugurated for the first time.

What are the best skin care brands in Sri Lanka?

Top Skin Care Brands In Sri Lanka
La Fresh Skin Care.
Oriflame Skin Care.
Nivea Skin Care.
Biotique Skin Care.


We’d recommend staying at least two nights to get a good feel of the historic area and the daily life which still operates within it, before moving onto the southern beaches including Unawatuna although however long you stay, you’ll have no trouble enjoying all the wonderful places to visit in Galle.


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