The underlying meaning:

Stability alone can bring in peace and happiness. To defeat arrogance, pride and ego, one needs to have a strong mind. In this case, (Ganga’s force) is arrogance and Shiva symbolises a strong mind. Since Shiva held Ganga, he is known as Gangadhar.

Who is called Lion of Karnataka?

Gangadharrao Balkrishna Deshpande
Gangadharrao Balkrishna Deshpande (31 March 1871 30 July 1960) also known as Lion of Karnataka, Khadi Bhageeratha of Karnataka, was an Indian activist who was the leader of the Indian independence movement against British colonial rule from Belgaum and the right-hand man of both Lokamanya Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi in .

Who was the wife of Gangadhar Rao?

Rani of Jhansi
Gangadhar Rao / Wife (m. 18421853)

In May 1842, Gangadhar Rao married a young girl named Manikarnika Tambe, later renamed as Lakshmibai, who was directly given the title of Rani (Queen Consort) after marriage. She eventually became the Queen of Jhansi and revolted against the British during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

Who is Gangadhar?

Gangadhar (19362003) was an Indian actor known for his work in Kannada cinema. A character actor who transitioned from stage to films in the mid-1960s, he had a brief period of success when his performances in social-dramas such as Gejje Pooje (1969), Sharapanjara (1971) and Seetha (1970) were noted.

Who was the last king of Jhansi?

Newalkar Maharaja of Jhansi
Last monarch Rani Lakshmi Bai as regent of Damodar Rao of Jhansi (4 June 1857 4/5 April 1858)
Formation 1769
Abolition 5 April 1858
Residence Jhansi Fort, Jhansi
9 more rows

Which city is known as Lion city of India?

With an inhabitant of 6.8 million and a city population of 7.7. 5 million, Hyderabad is the 4th populated among the cities and 6th most populated urban place in the country. The city is nestled in the mountainous territory encompassing the Hussain Sagar Lake in the north of the metropolis.

Who is called Punjab Lion?

Lala Lajpat Rai is known as the Lion of Punjab.

Was Gangadhar Rao a good king?

Despite all of this, Gangadhar was said to be a good ruler: strict, punctual, and a man of principle, even as he was only Raja in name and not in power. Gangadhar was a lover of the arts, particularly the theatre and literature. He built an extensive library opposite the palace.

Who was the famous queen of Jhansi?

Lakshmi Bai
Lakshmi Bai was rani (queen) of Jhansi. During the Indian Mutiny of 185758, she rapidly organized her troops and assumed charge of the rebels in the Bundelkhand region.

What is the name of Rani Lakshmibai horse?

Rani Lakshmibai was accustomed to riding on horseback accompanied by escorts between the palace and the temple, although sometimes she was carried in a palanquin. Her horses included Sarangi, Pavan and Baadal; according to historians she rode Baadal when escaping from the fort in 1858.


In this story, Shiva symbolises a strong mind and Ganga’s force symbolises arrogance. It was only because of his strong mind that Shiva was able to defeat Ganga. As Shiva held Ganga in his matted hair, he is also known as Gangadhar.


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