Garbett Plateau


7 Most Difficult Treks In India
Auden’s Col Trek Region Uttarakhand
Kang La Trek Region Himachal Pradesh (Lahaul) & Zanskar
Pin Parvati Pass Trek Region Himachal Pradesh & Spiti
Kalindi Khal Expedition Region Uttarakhand (Garhwal)
Panpatia Col Trek Region
Stok Kangri Trek Region
Parang La Trek Region

How difficult is Garbett Plateau Trek?

Trek Route & Difficulty

It is a good trek for physically fit beginners who can run 5 kms in under 40 mins or are moderately active The hike is around 10 kms long, but after reaching Garbett Point, it is a straight walk towards Matheran It will take about 4 hours to get the top from Diksal

Where to start Garbett Plateau Trek?

The Garbett point trek starts from the Dhom Dam Lake viewpoint Many routes lead till the Garbett hill we will take the Diksal Waterfall or Ashane Waterfall route Diksal Waterfall is a popular hidden waterfall rappelling destination in Bhivpuri

How long is Garbett Plateau Trek?

It generally takes around

How to reach Garbett Plateau from Pune?

Get down at Bhivpuri Railway station Bhivpuri can be easily reached from Mumbai, Pune and Thane From Bhivpuri railway station, we have to walk

Which is the toughest trek in Karnataka?

Also known as Pushpagiri, Kumara Parvatha is most possibly the most challenging treks in the country Towering at an altitude of 1,712 meters, not only is it the highest peak in the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary but also considered to be the fourth highest peak in Karnakata

Which is the toughest trek in Maharashtra?

Harihar Fort Trek – Most Dangerous Monsoon Trek in Maharashtra Harihar fort is one of the toughest treks in India

How many days trek is Har Ki Dun?

7 to 9 days
Har Ki Dun Trek’s Height is at a toppling altitude of 12,000 ft and Har-Ki Dun Trek distance is about 56 km which is covered in approximately a span of 7 to 9 days

How long is Devkund waterfall trek?

The Devkund Waterfall trek distance is about 5-6 Kms on one side It involves moderate trekking of 4 hours with an easy difficulty level The trek route is plain in the majority of the portions, with some medium ascent of 300 ft at the end of the trail

How long is bhimashankar trek?

7-8 kilometers
The total trekking distance of the Bhimashankar trek is 7-8 kilometers depending upon the route you follow, and you have to climb a total of 3250 ft above sea level Once we start climbing up, it will take till the sunset to reach the top of Bhimashankar


Sondai fort is considered one of the easiest treks in Maharashtra and the best trek for someone starting on their hiking journey The distance from the base village to the top of the fort is around 17 km & it will take anywhere between 2 25 hours for an average person to complete the trek


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