Gokarna Temple


Coorg if you love hills nd Gokarna if you love beaches. Both places are worth visit. Coorg will be more of mist, fog and lush greenery in October.

Why is Gokarna Temple famous?

This temple houses what is believed to be original image of Shivas linga (Atmalinga). Gokarna is known as one of the seven important Hindu pilgrimage centers. It is on what was once an unspoiled beach near the estuary of the river Aghanashini.

Which Pooja is famous in Gokarna?

Gokarna is also known as the southern Kashi of India and has been popular for Shraddha Pujas such as Narayana bali Puja, Tripindi Shraddha, Thila Homa, Navagraha-purak-aghorastra-puja, Narayan bali, Mrityunjaya Homam, Pind daan, Varshik Shraddh and many more Pujas performed by local priest families since times .

What is special in Gokarna?

Top Attractions in Gokarna
Mahabaleswara Temple. 277. Religious Sites. By guiltfreeexpressions. .
Paradise Beach. 207. Beaches. By akshay9393. .
Om Beach. 854. Beaches. .
Half Moon Beach. 135. Beaches. .
Kudle Beach. 763. Beaches. .
Gokarna Beach. 413. Beaches. .
Mirjan Fort. 118. Points of Interest & Landmarks. .
Maha Ganapati Temple. 122. Religious Sites.

Is jeans allowed in Gokarna Temple?

Gokarna, October 18: The administration of the Mahabaleshwar Temple in Gokarna has come up with a rigid dress code banning jeans pant, trousers and Bermuda shorts for all its devotees.
City Petrol Diesel
Mumbai 106.31 94.27
Chennai 102.74 94.33
2 more rows¢

Why does Gokarna beach glow at night?

Every night, the waters around Gokarna light up from the bioluminescent plankton! And you can be enthralled by them too, from our pristine resort in Gokarna.

Does Gokarna beach glow in the dark?

Ans – The Honey Beach of Gokarna is known as the glowing beach because of the bioluminescent water.

Which beach glows at night in Gokarna?

Trippr Hostel in Gokarna is popular for its curated activities, one of which is the night trek to Paradise Beach for phytoplankton viewing. What are they, you ask? Microscopic bioluminescent organisms that live in water and cause it to flicker like shining stars, and from a distance, make the water look like it glows.

What should I wear in Gokarna temple?

Men need to be barechested no shirts allowed, women to wear saree or salwar kameez.
No Foreigners are allowed.
Men are allowed with lungi as attire (no jeans, pants or shorts) – It can be bought outside from markets in around 70 bucks.
Women are allowed with traditional Indian attires like saree.

Is Gokarna better or Goa?

Which is better Goa or Gokarna? Goa and Gokarna both are amazing beach destinations in India. Gokarna is comparatively less crowded than Goa, as a lot of people still do not know of this amazing place. If one is looking for a lesser crowd, then Gokarna is a great place to visit.


Lord Shiva
Mahabaleshwar Temple, Gokarna
Mahabaleshwar Temple
District Uttara Kannada District
Deity Lord Shiva
Festivals Shivaratri Ratha Yatra
12 more rows


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