Guptkashi To Kedarnath


Kedarnath is well connected through road network. Since air and rail connectivity in Uttarakhand is limited, road network is the best and easily available transport option. You can either drive to Kedarnath or hire a cab/taxi to reach Kedarnath from Delhi or any other nearby cities.

How can I go from Guptkashi to Kedarnath?

Sitapur helipad is about 26 km ahead of Guptkashi from where you can start your aerial ride to Kedarnath. You can book your chopper ticket through both online and offline mode. The ride take 5 to 7 minutes to reach Kedarnath.

Is Guptkashi and Gaurikund same?

Gaurikund in Guptakashi is famous for being the starting point and the last road head before the Kedarnath Yatra begins. Gaurikund is located on the banks of the River Mandakini and is rightly considered to be the gateway to spirituality and salvation.

How far is Guptkashi from Kedarnath by car?

Guptkashi To Kedarnath Distance

If calculated in miles, it comes out to be 14.6 miles.

How long is helicopter ride from Guptkashi to Kedarnath?

Guptkashi to Kedarnath takes 7 minutes by helicopter. The flight starts around 7 a.m. from Guptkashi. The return flight is usually available till 4 p.m. from Kedar, but it depends on the weather.

Why is Guptkashi famous?

It is known for its ancient Vishwanath Temple dedicated to the god Shiva, which is similar to the one in Varanasi (Kashi). The other well known temple here is dedicated to Ardhanareshvara, a half man half woman form of Shiva and Parvati.

Which route is better for Kedarnath?

We have chalked out a rough road route for you to get a sense of the magnitude of the journey: New Delhi > Haridwar (206 km) > Rishikesh (24 km) > Devprayag (74 km) > Srinagar (34 km) > Rudraprayag (33 km) > Gaurikund (via Augustmuni > Guptkashi > Phata > Sitapur > Sonprayag (74 km) > Kedarnath by trek (16 km).

Why is it called Guptkashi?

Guptkashi means ‘Hidden Kashi’ and the town’s mythological history is associated with the epic of Mahabharata. When the Pandavas were searching for a glimpse of Shiva, Shiva first concealed himself in Gupt Kashi but later fled from them further up the valley to Kedarnath.

What is the fare of helicopter from Gaurikund to Kedarnath?

Tariff for Helicopter Booking to Kedarnath

The fare of the five seater helicopter is INR 7,347 per person approx for a round trip. Pilgrims can also book one way ticket too. It will cost INR 3,200 per person approx.

How many hours is Kedarnath trek?

5 – 6 hours
Day 2 : Gaurikund to Kedarnath (16 km trek / 5 – 6 hours). You can reach Kedarnath only after a trek of 16 km through a paved road from Gaurikund. You can take a horse or ponies to climb up the steep path.


You can complete the trek in one day or you can stretch the trek for a few days. If you decide to stretch the trek, you will not regret it, because each day spent there will be filled with stunning views! Once you have decided on the duration, here’s how you can plan your Kedarnath trek!


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