Hanuman Temple Calendar


According to the accurate calculations of astrologers, Hanuman ji was born 58 thousand 112 years ago in the last phase of Tretayuga on Chaitra Purnima on Tuesday in the sum of Chitra Nakshatra and Aries ascendant at 6.03 am in India.

Which day is special for Hanuman?

A special feature of Hanuman Jayanti is that according to some religious almanacs (panchngs) the birthday of Hanuman falls on the fourteenth day (chaturdashi) in the dark fortnight of the month of Ashvin, while according to others it falls on the full moon day in the bright fortnight of Chaitra.

Why is Hanuman Mandir important?

The image of this temple is said to be so powerful that a mere look at it will drive the evil spirits out of the people affected by them. Saturday is the designated day for a special ritual (as Saturday is dedicated to Hanumanji) for those affected by mental illnesses and other disorders.

Is Saturday a Hanuman day?

Devotees worship Lord Hanuman on Saturdays to ward off the ill-effects of Shani Devata. And there’s a story associated with this belief. Nonetheless, Tuesdays or Mangalvar are also dedicated to the worship of Lord Hanuman. Still, Saturdays are considered more significant because of the legend associated with Shani.

Who built Hanuman Mandir?

Hanuman Temple in Connaught Place, New Delhi, India, is an ancient Hindu temple and is claimed to be one of the five temples of Mahabharata days in Delhi.
Hanuman Temple, Connaught Place.
Hanuman Temple
Type Hindu temple architecture
Creator Maharajas Mansingh and Jai Singh II of Amber
Completed 1724
10 more rows

Which colour is Favourite for Hanuman?

10/11Lord Hanuman

This affable God, therefore is really fond of red colour and loves red lentils of masoor daal, jaggery, pomegranate and of course moti choor laddoos.

What color flower is for Hanuman?

red color
Flower for Hanuman Ji-

Lord Hanuman is the symbol of devotion, courage, and energy. The red color symbolizes the same. Therefore, he is very fond of red flowers. Hence red roses, red marigold etc can be offered to him.

What is Hanuman’s power?

As Hanuman exhibits extraordinary abilities in Rama’s service throughout the adventure, including speed, strength, courage, and wisdom, the friendship between the two develops and deepens, proving ultimately that Hanuman’s greatest ability is, in fact, his incredibly staunch loyalty and devotion.

What is Hanuman a symbol of?

He symbolises the human excellences of inner self-control, faith, and service to a cause, hidden behind the first impressions of a being who looks like a Vanara. Hanuman is considered to be a bachelor and an exemplary celibate.

Which Gods day is Friday?

Friday is dedicated to Mother Goddess, Mahalakshmi (Santhoshi Ma), Annapuraneshwari (Durga), and Durga. On the day, sweets are given out. Vrat devotees make it a point not to eat at night.


As per traditions, Lord Hanuman likes 3 types of Laddoos. One is Kesariya Bundi Laddoo, the other is Besan ke Laddoo and the third is Malai-Mishri Laddoo. Most of all, Lord Hanuman likes Besan Laddoo. By offering them, the devotees pray for the fulfilment of desired boons and wishes.


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