Hassan Park


Hassan is going to be the one of the most favourable place to live in Karnataka for the following reasons: Location: Hasan is located equidistant to the major cities of karnataka such as 183 km from Bengaluru , 128 km frim Mysuru and 171 km from Mangaluru.

What is special about Hassan?

Hassan is mainly famous for its age-old temples like Lakshmi Narsimha Temple, Kedareshwar Temple, and Hoysala Temples.

What type of climate does Hassan have?

Tropical savanna climates have monthly mean temperature above 18 °C (64 °F) in every month of the year and typically a pronounced dry season, with the driest month having precipitation less than 60 mm (2.36 in) of precipitation. According to the Köppen Climate Classification, Hassan has a tropical savanna climate (Aw).


Which is the famous food in Hassan?

Food of Hassan

The local cuisine here is dominated by South Indian delicacies which mainly include coconut or rice. Foods like idli, Vada, Dosa, sambhar are a specialty and even in the most modest hotels you’ll find some good tasting food. Filter coffee is famous here.

What to buy in Hassan?

Hassan is a quite small place which has no major shopping attractions. However one can buy pure silk, sandalwood, ivory, handicrafts and jewellery as souvenirs at Hassan. A variety of articles made from sandalwood are available in the markets of Hassan.

What type of character is Hassan?

Hassan proves himself a loyal friend to Amir repeatedly, defending Amir when he is attacked and always being ready to listen. His defining traits are bravery, selflessness, and intelligence, though his smarts are more instinctual than bookish, largely because he is uneducated.

Is Hassan a first name?

Hassan or Hasan (Arabic: is an Arabic masculine given name in the Muslim world.

What is the old name of Hassan?

History. Hassan district was the seat of the Hoysala Empire which at its peak ruled large parts of south India from Belur as its early capital and Halebidu as its later capital during the period 1000 – 1334 CE. The district is named Hassan after the Goddess “Haasanamba”, the goddess and presiding deity of the town.

How big is Hassan?

66.12 km²
Hassan / Area

How many rivers flow in Hassan?

Two rivers, Kempuhole and Kumaradhara, originate in the Sakleshpur taluk of Hassan district and flow westwards through the Western Ghats and drain into the Arabian sea.


10 Traditional Must-Try Foods to Eat in India
1) Masala dosa. Arguably South India’s most renowned culinary export, masala dosas are famous the world over. .
2) Chaat. .
3) Dal makhani. .
4) Vada pav. .
5) Stuffed paratha. .
6) Dhokla. .
7) Barfi. .
8) Pani puri.


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